If you think the weather is unbearably hot, think of how your pets must feel. Pets, particularly dogs, feel the heat more intensely than humans since they pant rather than sweat to cool down. It also doesn’t help that they fur and have a naturally high body temperature of 38 to 39.2 degrees Celsius. 


Now that reports from Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) forewarn of a high heat index in the coming weeks, pet owners should be even more cautious of the health of their pets. If owners aren’t careful, their four-legged friends could get sick or even expire due to heat stroke.  

One of the best ways to help your pets stay relaxed and comfortable is to ensure they always have access to cool and clean water. Refill their water bowls regularly and drop in several ice cubes during the day, especially when it gets too warm. 

Let your fur babies rest in cool, well-ventilated areas away from direct sunlight. If they’re outdoors, make sure they’re under the shade of a tree or structures with good airflow. If your pet uses a dog crate, consider elevating it, removing fabric covers, and installing some insulation and a fan to keep your dog comfy. 

Dogs who still feel unbearably hot indoors might find relief with cooling mats or vests. You can also put a frozen water bottle or towel on their dog bed so they can have a more restful nap. 

An article from The Humane Society of the United States advises fur parents to limit their dog’s exercise time. The duration and intensity of your pet’s runs should depend on the weather. To beat the heat, walk pets early in the morning or evenings when it’s cooler. 

Remember that dogs, especially light-colored ones, can get sunburned too. In fact, Animal Welfare Victoria, a unit of Agriculture Victoria, an agency that works with the agriculture sector in Australia, recommended that hairless and light-coated dogs and white cats should be applied with zinc or sunscreen on their ear tips and noses if they’ll be under the sun for a long period. 

If your dog does suffer from heat stroke, a pet insurance plan can help finance the expenses of veterinary and hospital. Pet insurance plans as low as P650 for a one-month cover can easily be purchased on a local e-wallet provider. A more extended pet insurance coverage of three, six, nine months, or one year can also be bought using a simple digital application form. 

This affordable policy offers three-in-one coverage that includes medical reimbursement for veterinary care up to a maximum of P100,000; owner’s liability coverage of up to a maximum of P100,000; and a personal accident cover for dog owners worth P50,000.

Having pet insurance not only lightens the costs of unforeseen bills, it also affords fur parents owners an invaluable sense of convenience and security. With today’s unpredictable weather conditions, having your pet insured is definitely a must. 

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