When it comes to sartorial inspiration, you can always rely on K-dramas. This phenomenon has a reputation for incorporating amazingly stylish looks that later become iconic! This is exactly why fashion is one of the aspects that Viu Original, K-Love, took note of. The series knows too well that it’s not just the beloved cliches, high production values, and swoon-worthy oppas that we’re after. We’re here for the fashyown!


In case you didn’t know, the creative geniuses behind the K-Squad’s best looks are celebrity stylist and Vogue Philippines’ fashion director Pam Quinones, along with JM Gumatay. Inspired by Kdramas, JM shared that the goal for this project is “not just to make fashionable looks but to make every outfit more relatable to people who are avid followers of Korean series and fashion”. Completing the team is Hollywood HMUA Jen Delica, who came all the way from the US because of Iza’s request! Her gameplan was to make sure that the characters don’t just look like those in K-dramas, “but drew heavily on Filipinos’ on concept of beauty”. No wonder everyone’s dressed to kill – something you fashion lovers wouldn’t wanna miss.

Into Power Dressing?

No one does this better than the resident girl boss, Tish. It’s not just Iza’s acting that gave justice to the character, she dressed the part, too. Every time she appears in workplace fashion, defined by pristine blazers and impeccably-tailored jumpsuits, you’ll know that she means business. As such, Jen shared that all her looks are fuss-free and easy to do. We’re loving her all-red ensemble in episode 6 where she attends the annual regatta, a look that’s even one of Jen and JM’s favorites. Pairing it with a clean updo and slick red lips, this is what you could imitate if you wanna pull off the ultimate power outfit.


Got a flair for the dramatics?

You’ll enjoy seeing Shiela in her influencer fashion moments. As competitive as she is, this momma always steals the show with striking colors, billowy sleeves, and OTT outfits straight outta her show-off personality. Whether she’s on a K-drama binge, working out, or in her sleepwear, she’s every bit fashionable. You’ll also notice how she takes it to the next level when meeting her batchmates. This is intentional as Jen shared that they “took a lot of inspiration from her very fashionable outfits that says “look at me I am fabulous!”


If you’re not a girly-girl like Shiela, you can take hints from the spunky Val. Her character is bold enough to take on the tech world, and it showed in her fashion statement. Defined by her choice of hues and fabrics such as denim and leather, she screams cool chick through and through. In terms of color, she’s not afraid to experiment and mix up the brights with the blacks, mirroring her fearless persona.

Wanna Look Straight Outta K-drama?

Mimic the sweet casual style of Frances, which perfectly shows her sunny personality. Just seeing her in plaid pieces, aesthetic ribbon accents, and playful hairdos says that she’s heavily influenced by K-drama. This little miss sunshine also opts for fun silhouettes like babydoll styles, playful rompers, and sweet fabrics like swiss dots and tweed – very much like a K-drama girl! Take cues from her outfits, especially on episode 9… if you wanna look aegyo like Fran!

And just like any other K-drama, the oppas always dress so well. So, when we first saw Jake Cuenca as Jay, it’s not surprising that he fits the bill. Because modern fashion favors minimalism, especially for men, his wardrobe includes button-downs and his staple suit-shirt-sneakers combo, hitting the K-fashion bullseye if you’re going to ask us. Classy and comfortable, just like his crushable vibes on K-Love. Take note to pair it with well-groomed, clean-cut hair to look like a legit oppa!

One more thing to enjoy about K-Love is that the characters’ fashion also mirrors their arcs. The characters served up looks that are dazzling as it is intentional. JM mentioned how the team was really careful to make each piece perfectly fit who they are, because “The process of creating looks depends on the characters that the story needs… each character needs a different approach”. After all, what they say is true: you are what you wear.

Case in point: when Tish is in love, she starts to wear bright colors, lacy fabrics, and romantic waves which shows her soft side. But on that ep where she’s lost and heartbroken, she’s all dressed in grey. Who would forget her sticky I-haven’t-showered-in-days ‘do? This is also evident when Val started to wear laid-back tees, showing how she finally lets her guard down with Calvin.

Tish and Fran, whose characters developed greatly as they journey to become who they’re meant to be, also featured wardrobes that evolved with them. But unlike these two, we have Shiela and Val, who try so hard for society to accept who they are – an uber confident stay-at-home mom and a liberal spunky tech entrepreneur, respectively. To mirror this, you would notice that their wardrobe always stands out – very much like their personalities!


On every K-drama night, we see them in their off-duty looks as well, except for Shiela, who always floats from the pack with her outfit and no holds barred thoughts. Whatever the weather, they do it in style!

K-Love is truly a Pinoy series sent from above by the fashion gods. Visually appetizing topped off by the fancy wardrobe – a testament that the series is consistent in executing it in true hallyu style.

“Our wardrobe & glam teams were one of my favorite parts about shooting K-Love. We had wardrobe stylists that were attentive to what our characters needed and always brought something fun to the table while also still keeping our comfort as actors a priority.” Said Gabby Padilla who plays Frances.

Pam, JM, Jen, and the entire team understood the assignment. As the series almost wraps up, JM summarizes his amazing experience in working with K-Love.

“Everybody in the team are very supportive and appreciative of the work that I do. The respect that I get from shows like this gives me more confidence to do my best and to push my boundaries more”, he said.

“KLove is a story that may be familiar to the Philippine audience but delivered in a very fresh and sophisticated way.”, Jen also shares as she looks back at those two months working on the series.

Are you a K-stan like Frances? Or can you relate more to Shiela’s extra attitude? Or have the girl boss vibes like Tish or Val? If you’re looking for tricks to up your K-fashion game doable in this tropical weather, this series should be on top of your list.


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