Viu, in an exclusive media event officially introduced the cast and the top-notch team behind its latest Viu Original offering called K-Love – a series that pays homage to all fans of K-Drama.

The media conference was followed by a red carpet screening of the first three episodes at the Greenbelt Cinemas.

Also present during the red carpet event were the actors who played supporting roles in the series, other celebs and online personalities led by Darren Espanto, Cassy Legaspi and Jameson Blake.

“We are thrilled to start the quarter with a story that will undoubtedly touch Viu-ers’ hearts. K-Love, a Viu Original from the Philippines, is a testament yet again to our pursuit of working with the best, contributing to the Filipino creative ecosystem by producing endearing stories with high standards.”

Mr Vinchi Sy-Quia, Assistant General Manager of Viu Philippines

K-Love stars Iza Calzado, Jake Cuenca, Isabelle Daza, Sue Ramirez, and Gabby Padilla.

The story is centered on five friends mirroring K-drama fans and their colorful lives: Tish, Jay, Shiela, Val, and Frances. One thing drives all of them despite leading various lives and facing various challenges and that is their love for K-drama. There is something about that moment, when they are engrossed in K-drama land and staring at the screen, that takes them out of the everyday tedium and makes them realize that their life may be just as interesting. They will learn how tightly connected and influenced by the world of K-drama their journeys are as they face the challenges of life, foster friendships, and experience “kilig” moments.


The award-winning team behind K-Love includes director Bobby Yan, a seven-time Emmy-award winner, and creator Corinna Vistan, who previously worked at Marvel Studios as a Content Producer for theatrical releases and lent her expertise to record-setting blockbusters such as Avengers: Endgame and Ant-Man and the Wasp. During her nine-year tenure at Marvel Studios, she crafted creative content strategies and produced content such as short films, documentaries, music videos, featurettes, trailers, and interactive experiences for 19 of the 29 Marvel films released between 2010-2019.


Corinna shared that K-Love is the first concept she pitched when she became Head of Content Development for Viu Philippines.

“I came home from the US thinking all my friends were going to ask me about my experience working on Avengers Endgame, but all they could talk about was their fascination with Korean dramas! I realised that similarly, K-Dramas had their own set of hardcore die-hard fans. This world really interested me so I wrote the concept for K-Love.”

Corinna Vistan

Aside from the characters, the team’s dynamics behind the scenes makes K-Love even more interesting.

Follow the K-squad for those “100% relate!” moments and feeling that only K-drama fans will understand. Don’t miss the premiere of this series streaming on 14 October with brand new episodes every Friday exclusively on Viu and simulcast in 16 markets across Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.

Download the Viu app now to watch your favourite Asian shows and K-Love for FREE! https://bit.ly/3S7XpmF  

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