realme WATCH 3 was officially launched in the Philippines last August 26 along with the realme PAD X as part of its latest roll out of TechLife products in 2022

The launch was made just a couple weeks after launching the realme GT NEO 3 and the Buds Q2s. And three months after the unveiling of its realme 9 and realme 9i number series smartphones.

realme has been on my radar from the time when they launched their series 6 and C series smartphones two years ago and even before venturing out to TechLife and AIoT products like the realme BAND, realme Smart Scale, realme Sonic Electric Toothbrush, and Buds Q.

The brand is really very aggressive in capturing all the tech market segment in the country and have been very successful in each venture. The realme WATCH 3 is probably their biggest gem this year because in a gist this product is the real embodiment of what “value for money” is all about – the key features of this wrist wearable device which includes a clear Bluetooth calling function is the first I’ve seen in its price range – and it really works!

realme Watch 3

But the real question is, should you own one? And to answer that question let’s take a trip down memory lane when the first smart watch with calling function first appeared.

A Brief History of Smart Watches

Well, the idea was there even way back when it was just science fiction. Smart watches which is basically a wrist wearable computer appeared in comic books as early as the mid-1940s. Dick Tracy was one of the cartoon character that would wear it.

In the 70s we saw Star Trek wrist communicators, but it wasn’t clear if that device also tells time or has health monitoring sensors. In the 80s we saw David Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider talking to a smart wrist watch device.

But it wasn’t until the 90s when we see a true melding of watches and computers. The Samsung SPH-WP10 (1999) was the first smartwatch with phone capabilities – the first true smartwatch is probably the Microsoft SPOT (2004) which effectively receive web-based information like weather, news, stock updates, emails and instant messages. Today’s smartwatches can do so much more but the price is just through the roof. The realme WATCH 3 is an exception!

Why Buy a realme WATCH 3

So what makes owning a realme WATCH 3 a real smart investment?

It Don’t Just Tell Time

realme Watch 3

Let’s start with the most obvious reason – it tells time but it do so much more than just tell you the time. On screen you already have the option to let it tell you many other things such as the day and date, the temperature or weather outside, its battery life and loads of other quick information that you can also find on your mobile phones just in case you can’t quickly get an access to it. I bike, so having a smartwatch that mimics your phone is very convenient.

It Tells You Where Your Phone Is

realme Watch 3

And speaking of phones, one of the earliest key feature of smartwatches is the Find Phone function which basically rings your phone when it’s linked. Provided that you did not set your phone to silent mode, your realme WATCH 3 can easily tell you where you misplaced it. That’s actually a statement – saying that a smartwatch is an invaluable companion to all your other smart devices.

Your Personal Health and Fitness Coach

realme Watch 3

If there’s one thing that adds a unique value to a smartwatch, it is its ability to provide you a comprehensive health and fitness monitoring. The realme WATCH 3 in particular is loaded with all sorts of sensors that gives you an all-day health and fitness assessment. Keep track of your health with a 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Stress Monitor, Sleep Detection and Tracking. In addition, the realme WATCH 3 can also measure Blood Oxygen (SPO2) Levels, has a Reminder to Drink Water as well as a Women’s Special monitoring with menstrual cycle tracking.

realme Watch 3

Aside from the comprehensive health monitoring, realme WATCH 3 also has over 110 sports and exercise mode from basic outdoor running to strength training.

Receive Calls and Messages

Like I said earlier, a smartwatch can mimic your mobile phone and gives you the convenience of accessing its basic features when your phone is out of reach. This features includes receiving online and offline messages – you will not be able to make a reply though because obviously the screen is too small to provide you an alphanumeric keypad with a writing view.

However, the realme WATCH 3 will definitely allow you to receive and make calls on your wrist wearable via its Bluetooth calling function and clear loud speaker and mic. Now, you can do your Dick Tracy, Michael Knight and James Bond imitations with so much realism. I’ve tried the device a lot of times and it’s amazingly clear and very useful. And no, you can’t use your BUDS Q2s for audio support while using the Bluetooth calling function – that tech is not possible in this device yet.

It’s a Cool Remote Control

realme Watch 3

Once linked, the realme WATCH 3 can also act as a remote control device that let’s you control many other functions from your phone like the music player or even your camera. But I guess the most important feature it has is still how it looks good on you as a wrist accessory for almost any kind of day, outfits and activities. You can change the watch faces to suit your mood using its pre-uploaded designs or access all the available watch faces via the realme link app.

Here are some more other things that you need to know about the realme WATCH 3 that makes it a wonderful addition to your statement this 2022:

realme Watch 3
  • 1.8-inch IPS LCD display, 240 x 286 resolution, 323ppi
  • 500 nits peak brightness
  • 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3
  • 22mm Detachable silicon straps, 130-220mm adjustable length
  • 110+ Sports Modes
  • PPG optical heart rate sensor
  • SpO2 sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • IP68 Water Resistance
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • 340 mAh battery
  • Available Colors: Black, Grey
  • 40 grams
  • Bluetooth calling
  • Speaker
  • Comprehensive Health Monitoring: real-time heart rate monitor, 24/7 SpO2 monitor, sleep tracking, Stress monitoring, Sports tracking, VO2 Max, Step Counter, Meditation, Idle Alert, Drink Reminder
  • Other Features: Smart Notifications, Phone Finder, Weather Forecast, Music and Camera Control

Best part is the realme WATCH 3 comes with a price tag of only 3,499 Pesos! It’s TIME to own one! Buy it now on Shopee, Lazada and all its physical stores in the Philippines.

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