Tocino is an all-time favorite breakfast staple of Pinoys. Each thinly sliced pork marinated to perfection is a sure hit in any meal at any time of the day because of its juicy, mouth-watering, sweet and savory feel in every bite. Ask anyone in the family about their favorite breakfast meal or –silog iteration and chances are, they are going to mention tocino.

Mekeni Food Corporation is among the go-to brands of moms when it comes to tocino. It is easy to prepare as the meat is already sliced, and you only need a small amount of oil to fry it. Mekeni Tocino also brings out a nice and sweet aroma that will brighten up your day while it is being cooked. What makes it a standout is that it has two taste blends that have captured the heart and palate of Filipinos: Classic Sweet and Tamis-Alat.

We all have distinct taste buds, but sweet and savory are among the two that defines our taste preference as Filipinos; and Mekeni has this. Both of its tocino variants are cured and marinated to give its distinct taste— Classic Sweet that has the ideal sweet taste that families look for, and Tamis-Alat that strikes a balance from the traditional sweet tocino with its sweet and salty flavor.


Just as how these two have their own unique taste profiles, did you know that your favorite tocino variant can say something about you?

Yes, the science behind taste can be complex but studies show that taste preferences can be linked to one’s personality. For example, if you love Mekeni Classic Sweet Tocino because of your sweet tooth, you are more likely to be caring, kind, and cooperative. You are also compassionate and approachable.

Meanwhile, if you are a salty and savory kind of foodie who prefers the Tamis-Alat variant, you are a person of high ambitions and strong motivation. You also tend to be competitive, impatient, and are always in need of instant gratification. And because you have a heightened sense of taste, you are sensitive to other tastes like bitter, sour, or spicy foods, but enjoy food that are savory.

But no matter what your taste preference is, you surely cannot resist Mekeni’s best-selling tocino!

Everyone in the family can savor every bite because not only is it good, but it is also certified to have no MSG, salitre, and antibiotic residue, guaranteeing that the raw materials used are of the highest quality and is safe across all ages. No one would dare miss out on a hearty and full meal with Mekeni Classic Sweet or Tamis-Alat Tocino!

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