Ohmyhome, Singapore’s leading proptech (Property Technology) platform is now in Malaysia and in the Philippines, making it the property company with the very first cross border ecosystem.

Founders and sisters Race and Rhonda Wong who started the company in 2016 only aimed to provide a solution to Singapore’s perennial real estate inefficiency problems such as the lack of transparency and relevant information, the high costs involved, and the lengthy time it took to complete transactions.

“We learned that the average time it took to buy or sell property in Singapore ranged from 3 to 7 months, a tedious transaction journey that caused tremendous stress for homeowners,” Rhonda relates. “We wanted to streamline the entire housing transaction by providing accurate information so that our customers can make informed decisions when buying, selling, or renting their homes.”

The company itself was born out of Rhonda and Race’s dream to enhance people’s lives. Having experienced the strain of moving from one home to another while growing up, Race and Rhonda seek to guide people in making property-related decisions and transactions.

“We know how stressful housing transactions can be—the complicated process and unreliable services that individuals associate with it, Ohmyhome Chief Product Officer Race Wong points out. “Buying or selling a house is a very big commitment; we want to help people do it right.”

Similar to Singapore’s situation, the current real estate marketing strategies in the Philippines are marked by several drawbacks such as a lack of transparency, untrustworthy agents, slow feedback, and decentralized services.

Race Wong said that the unique hybrid model of Ohmyhome can revolutionize the way Filipinos Buy, Sell and Rent properties. The app also features a unique algorithm that efficiently matches buyers and sellers based on the buyer’s search criteria and the seller’s property details.

“Our DIY platform will enable Filipinos to buy, sell, and rent by themselves, free-of-charge, saving them time and money in the process. Meanwhile, for those who prefer an agent, our professional agents can personally assist clients in their transactions from start to finish. This process will occur seamlessly while our technology works hard behind-the-scenes, enabling our agents to fully focus on our customers.” Race added.

Currenty, Ohmyhome is a team of over 80 agents, property data experts, and customer care staff who are dedicated to managing projects. A total of 175,000 active users are present each month and close to 5,300 homes have already been transacted successfully in Singapore and Malaysia which represents a combined value of over $1.2 Billion USD.

Here’s a summary of the the platform’s one-stop shop offering and customer-oriented services:

Choose from main menu selections:

  • Find A Home
  • Post A Property
  • Get An Agent
  • Check Out New Launches

For those posting or looking for a property, you may choose from the options and input you’re desired location or the address of the property you are transacting:

  • Sale
  • Rental
  • Room Rental

Other services includes:

  • Home Loans
  • Legal Conveyancing
  • Home Renovations
  • Professional Movers

According to Race, the Ohmyhome team started in the Philippines back in 2017, serving Singapore and Malaysia markets. Since then, the team has carefully studied the Philippine real estate industry to modify the platform based on tech and data team research.

“We designed the Ohmyhome application and website for Filipinos and made modifications to make sure that the technology is suitable and relevant to the Philippine context. We wanted the platform to be truly built by the Filipino, for the Filipinos.”

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