SECOSANA just launched a new bag line collaboration with celebrity influencer Alex Gonzaga their calling as their “neomodern” collection.

26 year-old brand Secosana and their product lines are often associated with the words – classic, timeless and timely. Successfully combining design and affordability, their brand easily relates to women with sophisticated and chic fashion taste at any age.

For the neomodern collection better known as the Alex X Secosana Collection, Alex Gonzaga was able to choose a total of 10 designs with a total of 64 different variations that customers can choose from, all wearing timeless colors and practical designs that will will appeal to women of all ages.

“We wanted the brand to be relatable and to be appealing to more than just the millennial market. We wanted the brand and the collection to be true to who Alex is, designs that she appreciates and will use, so as to appeal to Generation Z” said Bea Secosana who is the Head of Sales and Marketing. “When we started envisioning the bag collection, we told Alex that she will definitely have a hand in the designs, the colors, the fabric, and the overall look.”

Here are the collections that are on display during the media launch:

Working with the SECOSANA designers, Alex Gonzaga was part of the entire process from conceptualization to quality control, to ensure that the various collection pieces truly represented who and what Alex represented.

“This collection is who I am and what kind of handbag I truly love to carry – small enough to be handled with ease, fitting my most important personal items – very functional; and yet exude freshness and a sense of style that one can match with whatever they are wearing,” said Alex Gonzaga. “This collection is truly an expression of my passion for fashion.”

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Check out and purchase the entire Alex Gonzaga collection at and in Secosana boutiques. Selected collection items will be available in SM and Robinsons Department stores.

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