Brands today have been exploring blogger and influencer marketing for their marketing objectives, especially in building their image. Listed as one of the biggest digital marketing trends by digital marketing agencies like Edge Online, lifestyle bloggers have become one of the most sought-after individuals in the marketing industry today.

Are you a brand looking to reach out to lifestyle blogs for marketing collaborations? This post is for you, then! Read on to discover seven tips on how to reach out to lifestyle bloggers and leave them wanting to collaborate with you in an instant.

1. Organize your goals first

What do you want to achieve with this blogger outreach campaign? Is it to increase your social media following, spread more awareness about your business and advocacy, or increase more sales with promotional help from the blogger?

When you’ve defined your general goal, deal with the specifics next. What exactly do you want to achieve for your business? What project would be suitable for your goal that would be best carried out with the help of lifestyle blogs?

2. Do your research

With plenty of lifestyle bloggers today, it can be overwhelming to choose which of them fits your goals best.

That’s where research comes into play, backed up with some handy outreach tools, like Buzzsumo. With these tools, you can filter out blogs who share the same target audience with your brand.

When you have a narrowed list in hand, you can start researching their blogs and get to know your potential collaboration partners.

3. Start a connection with the blogger before sending your email

Before you send your outreach email, make your presence known first. Social media is a good place to start. Follow the lifestyle blogger(s)’ social media account(s) and identify which platform they’re most active at. Then start engaging with them there.

It pays to establish a relationship before you move on to business. After all, nobody feels comfortable and productive working with a complete stranger, right?

4. Personalization is king

You can create templates for your outreach emails, but you can’t send the same emails for different lifestyle bloggers and call it outreach.

Not only does that sound generalized, but it also makes your brand look unprepared. And that won’t look good on your chance to push this collaboration further.

Although they share the same general niche, lifestyle bloggers still differ in terms of the sub-niche they focus on. Some may focus on beauty, or travel, or health and fitness, and the list goes on.

The point is, a general email isn’t applicable to every lifestyle blogger, because they have their own set of audience reach, style, and topics covered.

Think of when you’re receiving emails from other businesses too. Which one are you more likely to open, the one with your name on the subject line, or the one that addresses you as “you?” Surely the former, right? That’s because it feels more personal. So have the same mindset with your blogger outreach emails.

5. Be direct

Get your message across during the first paragraphs of your email. Cite the reason why you want to work the blogger and your general idea for the collaboration project. Doing this lessens your email’s chance of being ignored through hundreds of daily emails invading the blogger’s inbox.

6. Brainstorm creative ideas for the collaboration together

Don’t hesitate to ask your collaboration partner for ideas. For example, if you’re planning to run a giveaway contest, ask the lifestyle blogger for ideas on how to encourage more people to join the contest, or what prizes to offer for the contest.

But don’t forget to give your share of ideas too! You know your target audience well enough in terms of their pain points and pleasures, so provide your share of insights during your brainstorming session.

7. Offer something of value

When businesses offer a deal with you, the first thing question that pops to mind is, what’s in it for me?

The same thing goes with reaching out to lifestyle bloggers. Think of what value a lifestyle blogger may appreciate in exchange for taking the gamble to work with you or promote your brand.

Money’s not your only option here. For instance, you can work on providing more exposure for the blogger, given that your brand is an established name in your industry. You can also give the blogger the chance to try out what it is you’re offering.

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