Award-winning actress and singer Glaiza De Castro is back with a new single released under PolyEast Records – KAPALARAN.

After the release of her 4th studio album “Magandang Simulain” and starring in GMA Network’s action-drama series Contessa, the phenomenal actress-singer is back with her first love – music.

In fact, Glaiza will be going to London in July to take a three-month course on music writing and production.

But don’t fret, because she will be leaving us with what I think is her best music creation so far – KAPALARAN.

I really like the song – it is edgy, melancholic and full of soul. I imagine Glaiza with a cool band and as an underground alternative rock artist with this song. I actually think that working with a 2000ish pop rock type of band would be so cool for her and her music career.

WATCH: Glaiza Sings Kapalaran Live at PolyEast

She co-wrote this song with long-time friend and former bandmate Alwyn Uytingco and collaborate with artist Juan Miguel Severo for the spoken verse in the song – making it more soulful and heartfelt.

It’s really no secret that when it comes to a priority of things that she’s passionate about, Glaiza always put music at the very top. She’s also willing to write and produce for other artist – that is how committed she is with the craft.

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KAPALARAN is now on Spotify. For updates, follow @PolyEastRecords on Facebook, IG and Twitter.

Here’s a video of our interview with Glaiza De Castro:

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