GABBI GARCIA, kapuso actress-singer and Encantadia’s youngest Sang’gre is now a business woman!

This April, she joins the creative and entrepreneurial minds behind Something Cool, Inc. together with fellow celebs Andrea Brillantes and Drew Arellano as they launched a new and youthful fragrance brand in the Philippines – HKT Fragrances.

HKT or HooKT came from the millennial word sHooKT which means “shaken up” an American term or expression that has also became popular during the 1950’s – Elvis Presley once wrote a song about it in 57 called “All Shook Up.”

Needless to say, a spray of HKT Fragrances will leave you and all the people around sHooKT and hooked as well.

The brand has initially launched 10 scents – five for boys and five for girls.

HKT Girls

  • Baby Girl – Floral, Powdery, Musk, Aldehydic
  • Yaas Queen – Floral, Green, Fruity, Woody
  • Extra – Fruity, Musk, Floral, Fresh
  • Sorry Not Sorry – Citrus, Woody, Tranparent, Fruity, Musk
  • Boss Babe – Floral, Fruity, Citrus, Woody, Musk

HKT Boys

  • Daddy – Fougere, Citrus, Aromatic, Floral, Woody
  • Alpha – Citrus, Aromatic, Woody, Powdery
  • Adventure – Fougere, Citrus, Aromatic, Woody
  • Cool Dude – Citrus, Basil, Cologne, Green
  • It’s Lit – Citrus, Green, Ambery, Marine

Gabbi said that her go-to HKT Fragrances are “Yaas Queen” and “Extra” – for men she loves the scent of “It’s Lit” and that’s probably what Khalil Ramos is wearing all the time. 🙂

Seriously, It’s Lit really smells awesome. I haven’t tried the other variants though.

Speaking of Khalil, Gabbi and Khalil’s first movie together LSS or Last Song Syndrome is one of the finalists of this September’s “Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019” – and Gabbi very excited. The movie also features the band Ben & Ben and promises to have lots of fun, heart and music.

Anyway, HKT Fragrances has just entered the online market through Lazada and will soon roll-out into other stores nationwide. They are also planning to come out with scents for the kids in the future.

HKT Fragrances comes in 50ml bottles and is sold for 349 Pesos and at promo prices online.

Follow HKT on Facebook at and Instagram @hooktph


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