You can always talk to me about anything but never about numbers, ask me for anything as long as it’s not currency. 🙂

This has been the line of thinking for many people and there’s this thing we’d like to call as people who are allergic to things that would cause them to give away money. The problem is, we all need to give away money because that is its purpose.

Some give away money to have more money. Others give them away to feel good about themselves. Majority of this “giving away” we are in control of, sometimes partially (example, impulse buyers) but a portion of our money we actually give away without our knowledge and often out of our control. Government takes a portion of our money all our lives, and we call this process as taxation.

With taxes, a lot of people feel that they are being robbed (especially when they see government officials squandering and stealing money from public funds and getting away with it). However, taxes is a necessary system for nation-building. And the more you know about how taxes works – the less you’ll feel that you are being taken advantaged of.

Think of yourself as a stakeholder in a huge corporation that we’ll call Philippines.

There’s a lot about taxes that we don’t know and the more we learn about it, the more we appreciate it, and the less that we’d fall victims to tax scoundrels or worse, get fined for ignorance.

Thank goodness that we now have people and groups who are advocates in promoting tax education to the masses. Groups like the Asian Consulting Group (ACG) and the Center for Strategic Reforms of the Philippines (CSR Philippines). People like the Philippines’ one and only Tax Whiz Mr. Mon Abrea and celebrity-entrepreneur Bea Binene who is the ambassador for the new TaxWhizPH Mobile App.


Last week, I was invited to attend ACG and CSR Philippines Tax Hub Talks event held at ACG’s office at The Ignacia Place in Quezon City.

Tax Hub Talks

While it began with tax-related topics, Tax Hub Talks also features topics covering starting a business, financial literacy, and other business-related topics.

In its most recent iteration, the Tax Hub Talks covered the upcoming deadline for the filing of Income Tax Returns. During the event, Tax Whiz Mon Abrea discussed the new forms and processes for ITR filing. The Asian Consulting Group’s tax experts also held an ITR filing help desk to all the attendees. They were guided through a step-by-step process on where to get the new forms, how to fill them out, where to file them, and how to pay for the taxes due.

Celebrity-Entrepreneur Bea Binene discussed how she started her Coffee Cart business Mix & Brew Cafe which was complimented by a talk on the ease of doing business by a DTI representative.

We also got a chance to talk to both Mon Abrea and Bea Binene prior to the seminar program where they shared some details about the new TaxWhizPH Mobile App.

TaxWhizPH Mobile App

TaxWhizPH App is an on-the-go, all-in-one mobile app designed to provide taxpayer assistance through its built-in features including an automatic tax calculator, tax calendar, and the capability to electronically file tax returns.

Here are a list of all its features:

Automated Data Entry

One of the most innovative features of the TaxWhizPH mobile app is its capability to capture the necessary info by taking pictures of receipts like TIN, name, address, date, amounts, etc.

Filing and Payment

The app allows users to file their returns with the use of their mobile phones and soon it will also allow mobile payments.

Report Generation

Upload your BIR Certificate of Registration (Form 2303) and the app can automatically generate and prepare the user’s tax returns.

Tax Advice

Just ask! The TaxWhizPH mobile app can provide advice on which taxes would best fit your business, which income tax to avail, or all about business tax. You’ll also have access to ACG publications and monthly tax seminars.

Tax Notification

The TaxWhizPH app can warn you of any upcoming deadlines through a built-in tax calendar – so no more worries.


Remember that old adage “What you don’t know can harm you”? It’s true, so arm yourselves with knowledge – there are so many tools already made available for you.

For more questions, you may contact [email protected] or call (632) 6227720. 

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