PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE was a ballad in the 60s popularized by Matt Monro and Steve Lawrence who both recorded the song and got praises in the US and all over the world. The song was so popular internationally that here in the Philippines, Sampaguita Pictures produced a movie of the same title which featured veteran actors Eddie Gutierrez and Susan Roces.

This coming April 3, RJ7 Films Entertainment Productions, an independent production company, will release a film bearing the same title “Portrait Of My Love” which is not a remake of the Sampaguita classic and has absolutely nothing to do with the song.

Portrait Of My Love will star Polo Ravales and Kiray Celis in a one-of-a-kind love story that will raise spirits – literally and figuratively. As in ghostly spirits.

While the movie’s theme has absolutely nothing to do with the song, what it does have is lots of Baguio scenery and Baguio art – since the film was shot 90% in the province.

This movie is the initial offering of RJ7 and it’s RomCom but one that is a little light on the comedy and more on the drama and action, according to the cast.

In fact, Kiray Celis shared that compared to her previous RomCom projects, she was challenged to do some serious acting in Portrait Of My Love – as in real tears for her dramatic scenes.

Kiray and Polo will be joined in the film by Epy Quizon, Jeffrey Santos, Cai Cotez, Leo Martinez, Nonong De Andres, Amay Bisaya, Nemie Boy, Rez Cortez and others. Written and directed by Poap Manansala and produced by Rojer and Jane Totanes under RJ7 Films.

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