Five Pinoy acts vie for the title of Asia’s Most Talented in Season 3 of Asia’s Got Talent!

The Philippines has proven time and time again that we are the home of the best singers in the world but Asia’s Got Talent has opened up doors of opportunities for other Filipino acts to take the stage.

Our roster of 5 semi-finalists is a mixture of different talents from broadway tunes to opera, from hip hop to contemporary dance and shadow play.

Shadow Ace

Shadow Ace is a family of 3 who entertains using light, Philip’s expressive hands and mini props to create shadows to tell stories. When Philip was young, his family did not have the money to have electricity supply in their home. In the dark, he discovered the art of shadow play using his hands, flashlight and candlelight. They are Alan and Justin’s Golden Buzzer this season.

Shadow Ace auditioned for AGT Season 1 and 2 and got rejected – but it seems that 3rd time’s the charm!

Junior Good Vibes

A hip hop and street dance crew with dynamic acrobatic moves, the group was formed 4 years ago. Junior Good Vibes original lineup consists of 23 dancers but had to settle with only 16 because of funding problems.

Eleana Gabunada

Eleana is a powerhouse 10 year old singer and enjoys broadway on top of pop, rock, and classical genres. She is David Foster’s Golden Buzzer this season. She has participated in a number of singing competitions, with the love and support from her family.

HK Sisters

A sister duo who sings opera, HK Sisters bond over their love for singing and the pursuit to become a better singer for the other. Their father is away from home for work for more than half the year. With the prize money if they win the competition, they hope their father can stay with the family more.

Power Duo

Power Duo is a contemporary acrobatic duo. Jervin and Ajha are a romantic couple in real life. The trust and chemistry between them come across in their performances.

Will the next Asia’s Got Talent grand winner come from the Philippines? Making it two out of three for the homeland. Who will be outstanding?

Catch the exciting conclusions Thursday, 8:30pm on AXN!

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