THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY! This statement ladies and gentlemen is the mother of all that has everything to do about innovative ideas and technological advancements in various fields which includes health and cleanliness.

Electrolux Laundry Systems or ELS Philippines inaugurated their ELS Clean Tech Concept last Friday (June 1) at their warehouse office in Cainta, Rizal led by ELS Phils President and Managing Director Joey Ermita, Vice President B A Dizon Ermita and ELS Clean Tech General Manager Jojo Javier.

The ELS Clean Tech Concept is a product of two leading Swiss multinational companies in the cleaning industry – ELECTROLUX, the forefront in advance and professional laundry system and AVET AG known for the brand ClaraClean 2.0 and its microfiber mop system. Together the collaboration is aimed at revolutionizing “green cleaning” here in the Philippines.

Jojo Javier explaining the unique qualities of the Avet AG ClaraClean microfiber mop

Both companies and their product lines strictly adheres to European standards and they’re bringing it here in the Philippines to level-up the standard of cleanliness in major establishments such as hospitals, schools, hotels, malls and many others.

The AVET AG ClaraClean 2.0 is a unique globally patented process because it is not the chemical detergents that define the cleaning, but rather the microfiber textile itself. This allows a controlled and constant amount of cleaning tensides even on big surface.

Joey Ermita holding a regular floor map

Mr. Ermita demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of the AVET AG microfiber mop system as oppose to the regular wet floor mop in cleaning all kinds of flat surfaces during the inauguration. He also stressed that the regular floor mops that establishments are using now may in fact, do more harm than good when it’s not properly cleansed, replaced or stored. Specially in sensitive environments such as in hospitals and restaurants.

The AVET AG ClaraClean microfiber mop solution is very easy to use and replace. It does not require a bucket full of water for rinsing and one microfiber mop can cover a space as big as 80 SQM before it needs replacing and washing. One microfiber mop is good for 750 washes.

How can you tell if a microfiber mop has already reached its 750 wash limit and needs to be disposed? Well each mop will be equipped with an RFID chip that will accurately count the number of times its been sent to the laundry for washing. Many industries all over the world are already using this technology and ELS Clean Tech Concept is bringing it here in the Philippines for the first time.

Another feature of the microfiber mop is that it has some color coded tags that establishments can use to identify which mop is to be use for a certain area. For example, blue for the kitchen, yellow for the lobby, etc.

And speaking of washing, ELS Clean Tech also has a full range of professional laundry system built for handling the AVET AG ClaraClean microfiber mop system. They can even customize it based on your requirements because as they say, every laundry is different.

For example, their Healthcare Excellence laundry system for hospitals which is named as the global expert in linen hygiene and offers the broadest range of solutions in a healthcare environment. They also have solutions for hotels, commercial laundry and self-service laundry businesses.


Now ELS Clean Tech Concept knows that these technology comes at a huge price tag which prevents industries to up their cleaning system to standards, that is why instead of selling the high-end, effective but expensive microfiber mops and mop handles, ELS will rent the whole system out. The income for ELS Clean Tech will come from washing and loading sanitizing agents into the microfiber mops.

The bottom line is that the ELS Clean Tech Concept is an effective and more efficient way for these establishments to keep their environment clean and safe.

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