TAIWAN EXCELLENCE created a buzz during the 3-day Systems Integration Philippines (SIP) Expo held from August 16-18 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

SIP is the Philippines’ largest and longest-running trade show for cutting-edge technology and other practical innovations. Held annually in August since 2012, this event is a marketplace for office and workplace solutions where thousands flock to see the latest in video, professional audio and lighting equipments, information technology and communication (ITC), gadgets & general electronics or out-of-home media.

This year, Taiwan Excellence brought with them a total of 22 brands in total which includes: Acer, Asus, AVer, BenQ, e-Formula, EMS, Boxlight, EZset, Gigabyte, InWin, JuSTime, KingMax, Lei Yueh, MSI, PaperShoot, Sandalphon, Step2Gold, Tatung, TeamGroup, Thermaltake, Transcend, and TGL.

Each of the brands have showcased their latest (and still to be released) tech & design innovations during the 3-day event and here are my favorites:


After leading the race in cloud innovations, Acer extends the benefits to digital signage. In addition to the powerful digital signage hardware and software, the unique cloud-based and big data analysis services offer businesses so much more.
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • Big Data Analysis of Audience
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring and Management
  • Advance Media Value Creation Services

Probably the most exciting feature of the abSignage package is the systems ability to keep an eye of audience with their unique behavior tracking sensor. Through this innovation, business owners will be able to quickly and easily track and quantify just which audiences your advertisements attract in each of their stores.

Through the Being Audience Rating (BAR) dashboard users will be able to monitor a wide variety of metrics, including the number of views, attention time, customer demographics, and so much more.

In this regard, the practical applications may be extended to in-store monitoring for small retail outlets like convenience stores and even as a baby tracker.


A lot of classrooms today are now equipped with LCD projectors, now imagine a projector that can do everything.

The Boxlight Mimio Cloud Touch Projector is a complete education solution that is an interactive projector powered with up to 5,500 lumens of brightness making it perfect on any kind of surface. It has a built-in android system, a wireless speaker system and the one-of-a-kind Finger Touch Function that transforms any surface screen into a touch screen or a digital whiteboard.


Imagine your room in the future with walls made of LED illuminated glass brick that has a dazzling light effect that simulates an unlimited depth-of-field and lots of color possibilities. Well, imagine no more because it’s already here.

Established in 1976, the Lei Yueh Enterprise owns over a hundred of worldwide patents and has already won 17 multi-design awards in the last 31 years. Their latest is LED Glass Brick which was proudly showcased at the Taiwan Excellence SIP 2018 booth.

Aside from the LED Glass Brick, Lei Yueh also has other design-centric lighting solutions like the LED Switch Star (wall light), LED Mini Star (ultra-slim shelf illumination), LED Module Light (casting spot light), LED Shelf Light, LED Minidisc Light, LED Brite Strip and Micro LED Light Strip.


SleepBank is a patented and exclusive SFT (Sleep Frequency technology) chip researched and developed by Sandalphon International. The chip generates a 2mx2m natural frequency magnetic field that reduces the influence of high frequency radio waves.

The result is that users will feel as if they are living in a natural field that makes their body relaxed, slows down your brain wave to prolong in-depth sleep, and improve sleep quality.


e-Formula technologies showcased in the the expo their Energy Management System (EMS) – providing for commercial establishments and buildings total power efficiency solutions that can significantly lower over-all energy consumption.

It’s most basic tool however are its solar films that can be used in buildings and vehicles. I personally tested how this film immediately reduced the transmittance of radiant heat from a light source. Imagine if that light source is the sun and you have the film on the glass windows of your condo unit – less heat means less workload for your ACs and low electricity bills.

Here are some of the benefits of using the solar film:

  • Energy Saving
  • Anti-Aging for Furniture
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Reduce Solar heat
  • UV Blocking
  • High Visible Light Transmittance


Another great innovation from e-Formula is their E-Sense advance seismic instrument for monitoring P wave and sending earthquake early warning.

By integrating E-Sense with alarm systems such as speakers, electronic marquees and automation alert systems, it can serve as an on-site early warning station. It also provides real-time monitoring for structure health and vibration.

E-Sense can also integrate with gas valves, power systems, elevators and any automation systems and it is able to shut them down before or during an earthquake. This would help reduce secondary hazards.

There three more other innovations that really caught my attention during the exhibit:

7. BRIX Ultra Compact PC from Gigabyte

8. D.I.Y. Wood and Paper Digital Cameras from PaperShoot

9. Smart Submetering Reading System from EMS

The Taiwan Excellence exhibit showcased other innovations like the latest conference cameras from AVer, Transcend’s body camera and 4TB StoreJet rugged portable drive, KingMax’s Zeus Dragon Gaming RAM, Screenbar’s from BenQ, Aorus Gaming Gears, EZSet Locks, JuSTime Capsule Drinking Faucet, Tatung Cookers, and lots more.

Majority of these products are not yet available in the Philippines but I am sure that after the SIP Expo many would take notice of these wonderful innovations and its very practical applications.

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