Did you know that Hokkaido Japan’s best cheese tarts are now here in the Philippines?

BAKE Cheese Tart, known as one of the best tasting cheese tarts in the world has already become a cult favorite in Japan and is considered as one of the must-try delicacies in the country along with its ramen, wagyu and fresh sushi. All of which have already made its way here in the Philippines to satisfy the multi-cultural palate of modern Flipinos.

Entrepreneurs Larry Tan and Tyrone Ching brought BAKE Cheese Tart to Manila, opening two outlets earlier this year – one at The Podium and the other one located at the Powerplant Mall.

I was at the Podium yesterday to find out what the craze is all about.

According to Larry Tan, the secret to the great taste of a BAKE Cheese Tart is in exquisite blend of four types of cheese cupped in a double baked crust before being brought here to Manila and baked fresh in stores until it turns a delicate golden brown.

“The cheese tarts are made of complex layer of flavors that requires almost artistic detail. The result is a full-bodied but subtle cream cheese filling cupped in a double-baked crust and can be enjoyed in four ways: Warm, Cooled Down, Chilled and Frozen,” Tan shared.

I have tasted their frozen variety and it’s everything a wonderful dessert and snack treat should be – its like ice cream and pie. The cooled down version is best paired with coffee. The chilled BAKE cheese tarts has an almost similar texture with the Frozen variety but with a melted core. And then you can always pamper yourself with a freshly baked and warm BAKE Cheese Tart anytime of the day.

The Philippines is the 9th country to host Hokkaido’s BAKE Cheese Tarts. Founded some 30 years ago by Shintaro Naganuma whose family owns the Kinotoya French confectionery store in Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan. BAKE Cheese Tart formally opened its first store in Shinjyuku, Tokyo in 2014 before bringing it outside of Japan to other places like Hongkong Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore and finally here in Manila.

“We believe that Filipinos will like BAKE Cheese Tart. Whether you’re having the cheese tart in Japan, Singapore, Korea or Manila, you can enjoy the same delicious and joyful experience because of its consistency,” Ching added.

How To enjoy Your Freshly Baked Cheese Tarts

  • BAKE Cheese Tart is best consumed fresh within the same day of purchase
  • Enjoy it like a cheesecake, chilled from the fridge
  • Enjoy it frozen like a creamy cheese ice cream pie
  • Enjoy it warm, heated in an oven toaster to get the fluffy texture and nice warm mousse filling.


1 Piece – 95 pesos

1 Box (6 pieces) – 540 Pesos

For more about BAKE Cheese Tart, visit their website at www.cheesetart.com

Facebook: bakecheesetartph

Instagram: bakecheesetart_ph

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