I am really not much into K-Pop, K-Drama, Kimchi and other Korean food but I am all for almost any kind of dessert. And if there’s one Asian dessert that stole my heart completely, it’s probably the PATBINGSU – and it’s from Korea.

Patbingsu (Patbingsoo) is a popular shaved ice dessert in South Korea topped with chopped fruits, condensed milk, fruit syrup, red beans and almost any kind of sweet toppings.

There are of course a lot of shaved ice dessert variants in Asia. They have different names but are basically the same when it comes to its base ingredients which are shaved ice and sweet toppings. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Halo-Halo (Philippines)
  • Baobing (China)
  • Kakigori (Japan)
  • Ais Kacang (Malaysia)
  • Xue Hua Bing (Taiwan)

SNOWBING, a local Korean dessert shop has opened its doors to mall goers and diners at SM North EDSA last year. It’s now quite popular for its patbingsu variants. There are of course other shops and restaurants that offers the popular Korean dessert but the shop is committed to be recognized as the go-to Korean dessert shop here in the Philippines.

I went to Snowbing two weeks ago to try their patbingsu. The shop is located at the ground level of the main building of the mall right in front of National Bookstore and the staircase that leads to the cinemas (going up the 2nd floor) and the foodcourt (going down the lower ground).


I ordered their Pat Bingsu (168 Pesos) which is like the regular Korean version but it’s incorporated with Japanese Mochi and a special cheese that they get from outside the country. It looks simple but the taste and texture of this dessert is truly one of a kind. I was told that some time ago, they had to put the Pat Bingsu variant out of the menu because they ran out of that special cheese topping – and that tells you how special this dessert really is.


I also got to try out the other “bingsu” variants. Their best seller according to the shop’s supervisors is the Cheezy Mango (168 Pesos). It’s mango! Filipinos and mangoes go together! 🙂 But this variant is actually satisfyingly delicious – the combination of mangoes, cream cheese and vanilla ice cream is just perfect.

Cheezy Mango


Tropical Fruit is loaded with real kiwi, grapes and tropical fruit balls in a lightly creamed shaved ice dessert.

“That lived up to my expectation. And I love my dessert because it’s really light, refreshing, and not too sweet.” – Blogger Alwin Aguirre of The City Roamer on the Tropical Fruit Bingsu.

Tropical Fruit


Now the Choco Brownie variant is every chocolate lovers delight. It’s a combination of finely shaved chocolate flavored icy snowflakes topped with real brownies, nuts and chocolate ice cream. Yummy!


Salted Caramel (168 Pesos) is like Christmas with a crunch. I imagine having this dessert while watching my favorite movie at home right after dinner time.


Ever since the Matcha flavored milk tea drinks were introduced here in the Philippines, it seems that Filipinos have grown to embrace it already as its own. Snowbing’s Matcha Green Tea Patbingsu (188 pesos) is definitely a most welcomed addition.

There are of course other shaved ice dessert variants at Snowbing that I’ve yet to try, here’s a list of my targets for my next visit:

  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Mangoes & Cream
  • Choco Banana
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Apple Crumble
  • Tiramisu

SNOWBING also has a branch at Trinoma that serves the same variants of shaved ice desserts, however, their branch here at SM City North EDSA also serves Toasts, Pasta, Pizza, other sides and drinks.


I was able to try their Salted Egg Pasta (198 Pesos) and Korean Pasta (198 Pesos). I loved that the cream-based carbonara was not over-powered by the strong taste of salted egg. The blend was made just right. And the bulgogi flavored Korean Pasta tasted more like a Japanese Yakisoba with less of the oil.

Korean Pasta


I am really not much into toast these days, but their Honey Butter Toast (188 Pesos) and Belgian Chocolate Toast (188 Pesos) are just so hard to pass up.

Honey Butter Toast
Belgian Chocolate Toast


Snowbing SM North EDSA also offers its customers a variety of Pizza flavors – Cheese, Korean, Pepperoni and Hawaiian. The Korean Pizza was a little too strong (and sweet) for my taste, but I’m sure that I will love their other variants – and that’s going to happen on my next visit!

Over-all, I really had a great time at Snowbing – it’s really more than just an ordinary Korean Dessert Shop. I am really excited for what other Patbingsu variants they’ll include in their menu next.

SNOWBING Korean Dessert Cafe

UGF Main Building, SM City North EDSA



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