I just recently discovered a new great place outside Mega Manila to celebrate a fun and relaxing Halloween weekend – LE CHARME SUITES SUBIC!

Two weeks before Halloween, I received an invite to a medieval (GOT-inspired) Halloween party from Le Charme Suites, the newest business and leisure hotel in Subic, Zambales. It came with photos of the venue – an entire hotel floor dressed up to look like a medieval castle hallway plus an “Iron Throne” at the lobby area.

They had me at “Iron Throne” – said yes immediately, no questions asked. I was even willing to shoulder my own transportation expense to go there, that is how interested I was with celebrating Halloween at Le Charme Suites. But our host hotel was really super generous, which made the trip even more wonderful.

And I can tell you already that the experience was more than what I have expected.

Le Charme Suites Subic is located at the La Terraza Building, 1131 Palm Street, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines. It’s just beside the Royal Duty Free Shops – isn’t that nice? Do your out of town staycation in Subic and have your “pasalubong” shopping in just one place.

Plus, Le Charme Suites Subic boast of 46 stylish and spacious rooms, bike-friendly elevator, hallway and rooms and a host of other firsts in Subic like the spin class fitness center, a teppanyaki restaurant, a Filipino-Hispanic restaurant, a milk tea cafe, a VR gaming center, a huge function hall, and a roof deck swimming pool area which gives guests  an almost 360-degree view of the freeport zone.

If you think those hotel features and amenities are awesome, wait till you experience spending a night in one of their rooms (which we did) and actually schedule it during the Halloween Weekend!

I am a Halloween nut, and while it is uncommon here in the Philippines, I always find celebrating All Hallows Eve equally enjoyable (if not more enjoyable) than Christmas – but of course it’s nothing religious or spiritual. I just dig it because it’s fun. Imagine an entire night with ghouls and other creepy creatures roaming the streets, people dressing up in costumes, trick or treating, jack o lanterns, scary movies, etc. – that is so my kind of thing.

But of course, it comes with the personality – I also like dusk more than dawn, autumn more than summer, sunsets, supernatural stuff and the unexplained.

You wanna know why Le Charme Suites Subic is the most perfect destination for Halloween? Here are some of the things I’ve personally experienced during my Halloween weekend staycation in Subic:

The hotel’s facade was dressed up to look like a castle gate, only for Halloween!

The lobby houses the Iron Throne – and guests can experience sitting on the throne, with or without costume, and have their pictures (or selfies) taken there.

The elevator girl is a loud obnoxious (in a funny way) witch. It’s actually one of the animatronics display found inside the hotel – it reacts to loud noises so be very quiet or she will annoy you until you get to your floor. And believe me, the sound she makes is so “LSS-worthy” haha.

Also, the huge elevator houses Game of Throne’s Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon eggs. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in that elevator when they hatched though. 🙂

The third floor was dressed up like a hallway from a medieval dungeon filled with ghouls, creepy creatures, witches, dead people, a severed head, Sadako and “death” himself who welcomes all those who dare to visit.

This floor is enough to give young children nightmares (so it’s a PG) but is loads of fun for older people who are after a bit of that Halloween scary good time. First time to actually see a hotel do this, and that made Le Charme Suites Subic EXTRA COOL in my book!


VR Jump, one of the hotel’s Halloween party special attraction, provides guests with full immersive scary virtual reality fun experience. I tried two games – “Evil Hospital” and that exhausting “Haunted Elevator”. Their store is located at the ground level of the La Terraza building, but for the Halloween party, Le Charme Suites commissioned them to occupy a space at the fourth level of the hotel beside the function room and the penthouse pool for easy access to guests.


The main event of the night was the Halloween Clash of Costumes Amateur Cosplay Competition. There were six contestants who dressed up as their favorite characters. The judges were all professional Cosplayers and they came to the event dressed up as GOT characters – Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa, Arya and Khal Drogo.

The party was held outdoor at the Penthouse Pool Area, where guests are able to enjoy unlimited cocktails and delicious party dishes.

Le Charme Suites Managing Director and part-owner Josephine Floresca said that the 6-month old hotel, aside from offering Subic guests with full amenities that will cater to all their needs whether business, leisure or both (bleisure), is going to be offering themed hotel events the whole year.

The Le Charme Suites GOT Haunted Halloween set-up is just the start, soon they’ll be having themed events for Christmas, Summer, the Holy Week and others.

And with an existing partnership with other Subic Freeport Zone attractions like Ocean Adventure, Tree Top Adventure, Jest Camp, Zoobic Safari, Magaul Bird Park, Subic Bay Yacht Club, Inflatable Island and El Kabayo Stables, the hotel is expected to be the NEXT FULL-PACKAGED DESTINATION in Subic, Zambales.

And did I mention that the Royal Duty Free Shops are just around the corner?

If Halloween was super fun at Le Charme Suites Subic, I can’t wait to be there for their other themed events.

For reservations and inquiries, contact (047) 250-3333, email [email protected] or visit their website at www.lecharmehotels.com 

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