What is it with Jeans that continue to inspire fashion trends all the world for over two centuries already?  Here in the Philippines, the ‘Blue Jeans’ was used to represent youth pop culture for an entire decade from the late 1970s to the 80s.  OPM giant APO Hiking Society even wrote a song about it way back in 1982.


We can trace the origin of Jeans in the early 1870s when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss patented the denim trousers but it wasn’t until the 1950’s when American culture finally brought the denim style in the forefront of fashion and everyday wear.  White shirt, Blue Jeans and Black Leather Jackets – those were cool in those days and up until today.

However, back in those days, Jeans are mainly worn by men.  It is only in the late 60s and 70s when it has become a widely acceptable fashion for both men and women.  And after that, the ‘blue jeans’ has evolved into many different styles all for the sake of finding the perfect fit jeans for women.

Boot cuts, straight cuts, bell bottoms or flare, faded, acid washed, stone washed, low-waist, tapered, loose fit, carpenter, slim fit and skinny. You name it, the leading denim brands have it.

Speaking of leading denim brands, here are rainCHECK’s top 10 most popular denim brands in the Philippines today:

  • Levis
  • Wrangler
  • Bench
  • Lee
  • Guess
  • Jag
  • RRJ
  • Diesel
  • Penshoppe
  • Freshgear

Not on the list? Tell us more about your favorite denim brand and why it suits your lifestyle.

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