The holidays can give you food fatigue!

The first week of the new year for us is often referred to as ‘left-over’ week.  What we got left from Noche Buena and Medya Noche, we recycle into different kinds of dishes.  However, dressing them up differently don’t really matter because the main problem is that you’ve just had too much of them already last week.  And that doesn’t even include the Christmas parties and reunions you’ve attended before the Christmas week.  It’s food fatigue and I have the additional pounds to prove that case.

But tradition has a clever way of regulating our food intake.  Remember those 13 pairs of round fruits that you painstakingly gathered right before New Year’s eve?  They are not just there as holiday decorations – they are meant to be eaten and they are an excellent source of fibers that helps clean out your system after taking in all that hard-to-digest garbage you’ve packed in during the holidays.

The post-holiday food fatigue can be a good thing because that will force your body to go into a voluntary fast.  But do make sure that you substitute your diet with lots of water and a healthy fruit and vegetable diet.

food fatigue

I am also guessing that the holidays presented a lot of food choices and that vegetable salads is rarely included on that list.  That’s why in our house, we make it a point to include tossed salads as part of the family’s dinner menu right after the holidays.

Yes, I agree that vegetables are very expensive but they are also very nutritious.  If you’re a little tight on the budget, here’s an inexpensive salad that you can try at home.


Tomatoes (sliced)
Baguio Lettuce
Carrots (thinly sliced)
Cucumber (sliced)
Bell Pepper (thinly sliced)
Sliced Hard-boiled Egg (sliced)
Grated Cheese – optional

For the dressing, I used CLARA OLE DIPS N’ DRESSINGS RANCH Flavor.

CLARA OLE has many Salad dressings you can choose from aside from Ranch, they also have Thousand Island, Caesar, Honey Mustard and Asian.  You can modify the ingredients and choose the dressings you want for your salad.

For example, the other night we used a CAESAR salad dressing on top of some Baguio Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Cheese and Croutons.

Left-over dressings can also be used as a dip for your chips (potatoes or corn).

Fruits – Checked!  Vegetables – Checked!

And that’s how you start the new year – let’s just hope that we can all sustain that diet.  Life would be healthier!

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