There are a lot of ways to describe Christmas but if there’s one thing that can really be associated with this time of year, it’s probably the word – GIFT.

The month of December is known as the time of giving and sharing.  While the art of generosity should always be an integral part of our character as social beings, there’s something about Christmas that puts great emphasis on the attitude of giving.  Indeed, gift-giving has become a central theme all around the world.


Companies give out Christmas bonuses and Christmas parties are not without exchanging gifts.  Here in the Philippines, a version of the ‘secret santa’ or kris kringle tradition called ‘monito-monita’ obligates anyone joining to prepare gifts for their ‘babies’ or gift partners according to a selected theme every week and even every day culminating at Christmas eve.

Kids and adults go from house to house to sing Christmas carols in exchange for any tokens (usually monetary gifts) and at Christmas morning kids of all ages eagerly awaits the traditional opening of gifts.

The problem usually at this time of year is FINDING THAT PERFECT GIFT FOR A PARTICULAR PERSON.  Taking of course into consideration your present resources (your budget and what is currently available).

Speaking of budget, you should also base your gift choices on the number of people included on your Christmas gift list if you don’t want to go broke after Christmas.  It is always good to share your blessings but never – I REPEAT – NEVER spend beyond your means.  Remember – YOU CAN’T GIVE WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE.

Another thing to consider when giving gifts is practicality and of course the intrinsic value of the gift (usefulness or the degree of importance of the item to the receiver) and not just the price tags.

I know some people who receives really expensive gifts during birthdays and Christmases but they just give it away to other people – not because they are unappreciative of the gifts they received but primarily because they are of no use to them.  So instead of letting it rot away in storage for sentimental reasons they opted to give it away as gifts also to other people they know who needs it more than they do.

The PERFECT GIFT differ from each person and it depends on their present needs and personality.  But if you ask me – and I think a lot of people will agree – the most perfect gift… is the GIFT OF HEALTH.

I wouldn’t mind receiving something that could make me healthier.  And by healthier, I mean – healthy inside and healthy outside or what we call holistic health.  

There are five (5) areas to consider when we talk about holistic health and these are:

  1. NUTRITION – getting the right amount of Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fibers, Fatty Acids, Water, Oxygen and Sunlight.  All the ingredients that our body requires for better functioning. (possible gifts includes vitamin and mineral supplements, energy drinks, Hi-calcium milk, etc.)
  2. POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE – have your stress level at the low to keep the immune system in good condition always. (possible gifts includes motivational books, yoga classes, meditation CDs, new-age stuff, vacation gift, etc.)
  3. STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY – correct posture, right amount of sleep to keep the body in tip-top shape. (possible gifts includes special pillows, bed, ergonomic chairs, etc.)
  4. EXERCISE – an essential factor for good health that stimulates all body systems and provides over-all vitality. (possible gifts includes exercise machines and gadgets, gift cards for a gym or a health club, running shoes, dumbells, etc.)
  5. HYGIENE – helps reduce the risk of getting diseases and an essential factor in the maintenance of over-all health and physical integrity. (possible gifts includes bath items, personal grooming kits, spa gift certificates, etc.)

As for my family, I would prefer to receive this Christmas  a month supply of the following gifts from twelve of my most generous friends *wink* *wink*:

GROWEE Multivitamin Syrup (for my 9-year old daughter)

It has all the essential vitamins and minerals plus Lysine, Taurine, Choline and Chlorella Growth Factor that’s perfect for my still growing baby girl.

ENERVON Multivitamin Tablet (for my 14 year old son)

One tablet contains 500mg of Vitamin C plus all the essential B Vitamins that will surely keep my 8th grader on the top of his game in and out of school.

ENERVON ACTIV (for me and my wife)

Now this is the Multivitamin supplement that is suited for us.  It has all the essential Minerals and Vitamins including powerful anti-oxidants Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc plus the benefits of Ginseng and Royal Jelly.

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