BEA BINENE is celebrating her birthday month this November and what better way to celebrate it by releasing a new album!

DITO SA PUSO KO is Bea’s 2nd album with PolyEast Records.  The first one titled HEY IT’S ME, BEA! contained 5 tracks including a duet with ‘special someone’ JAKE VARGAS and a minus one version of all the songs.  It reached Gold and Platinum status last year with the songs Urong Sulong, Sayang na Sayang and Hey It’s Me.

Bea Binene

DITO SA PUSO KO contains 10 tracks, four (4) songs performed by BEA herself which includes the Edwin Marallano original composition ‘ASA KA PA’.  Three (3) of the songs in the album was recorded by guest artist KEN CHAN while the other three (3) songs they performed together.

Here are the tracks:

  1. WHOOPS KIRI by Bea and Ken
  2. HIGH SCHOOL by Bea
  3. DITO SA PUSO KO by Bea
  5. BAKIT NGAYON KA LANG by Bea and Ken
  8. ASA KA PA by Bea
  9. BAKIT LABIS KITA MAHAL by Bea and Ken
  10. SUMAYAW SUMUNOD (extended version) by Ken

It’s a teen pop album that BEA describes as both bubbly and colorful.  I am sure that a lot of Bea fans will really love this album more than the first one.  Although I am way past admiring the teen pop generation of music, I must admit that the arrangements of the songs in DITO SA PUSO KO is a refreshing take on the classics like Sharon Cuneta’s ‘High School’ and Boyfriends’ ‘Bakit Labis Kita Mahal.’

Arrangers Erwin Dela Cruz, Makoy Portado and Albert Tamayo did a good job in making all the songs sound younger.

During a special post album launch bloggers’ conference held at the Centerstage Timog last week, BEA said that her favorite among the tracks is the song ASA KA PA.

Bea Binene

The Theme Songs of BEA’s Life:

When asked about her favorite songs of all time, BEA mentioned three and explained why:

  1. Miley Cyrus’ THE CLIMB, the song that she would like to be the theme song of her showbiz career;
  2. KC Concepcion’s NGITI LANG as a personal theme song because it speaks to her like a friend, and;
  3. Side A’s FOREVERMORE which is the theme song of her love life – the very same song that Jake Vargas sang to serenade her during her recent birthday blowout from the GMA Artist Center.

BEA also said during the interview that if there’s one person that she admires most in the entertainment industry, it’s ANNE CURTIS SMITH.  She said that she looks up to the actress as a career inspiration.

Here’s BEA trying out Centerstage Timog’s Videoke Machine with the song PLEASE DON’T STOP THE MUSIC

The album DITO SA PUSO KO was launched last November 9 at the Harrison Plaza together with Ken Chan.  JAKE VARGAS made a surprise appearance during the program which turned the launch into an awkward experience for the three artists but a delight for all the Bea and Jake fans.

BEA and JAKE are now officially back together again but it seems that BEA’s friendship with KEN had turned sour after that incident.  Prior to the date of the Bloggers Conference, BEA said that she made a couple of attempts to contact KEN but with no luck.  She hasn’t spoken with Ken since.

What is with JAKE VARGAS that keeps BEA BINENE so interested?

Bea said three things about Jake that she finds very very attractive

  1. He’s very sweet
  2. Tahimik
  3. Maalalahanin

Qualities that I have also minus the charm, youth and good looks of the young actor hehehe.. well BEA left that part out I guess.

BEA BINENE is currently with the GMA sitcom VAMPIRE ANG DADDY KO and the Sunday show GOOD NEWS KASAMA SI VICKY MORALES as a co-host.

BEA is also the brand endorser of BUM Equipment, Pop Shop Cosmetics, Unisilver Time, Shimian Manila Surgicenter, Bang’s Tony and Jackey Salon and many others.

DITO SA PUSO KO is available for downloads on and itunes worldwide.

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