Two weeks before his 18th birthday, DANIEL PADILLA joined us yesterday afternoon for a casual merienda conference to give out some exclusive details for his upcoming birthday concert at the Araneta Coliseum on April 30.

Daniel padilla

DJ said that the main theme of the concert will be ROCK and he will be playing with his band.  A dream come true for the young actor who considers the Araneta Concert as his career’s greatest highlight to date.  There will be a lot of guest performers although he said that he’s not at liberty to divulge any other information pertaining to the people who will grace his show.  He however said that KATHRYN BERNARDO will be there and that she’s  supposed to do the final performance with him on April 30.

During the interview, DJ modestly admits that he has no idea why he’s well received by a lot of people, with millions of fans and followers and mostly from the female population and young people in general.  He admits that even before he entered showbiz that he’s rather close with young kids especially children.  He never thought of entering the entertainment business but like what he said in previous interviews, he’s doing this mainly to help his family.

The young rocker image suits him well.  He really reminds me of international rock icons – carefree, restless and most of all cool.  I asked him about future plans and his answer was that he has none… he just goes where the wind takes him and let his manager and parents handle the rest.

The Araneta Concert is almost already sold-out,  there are also some buzz about a Daniel Padilla concert part two, but DJ is not yet getting into that notion since the first one has not happened yet.  But with the fact that tickets to his concert is selling faster than any other local shows is a great indication of how bankable the young actor is when it comes to staging big shows.

Aside from the concert, DJ will be launching his new album this April 15 under star records with the carrier single KUMUSTA KA.  DJ said that the single is his most favorite in the new album and shares that the song would be the perfect song to dedicate to all his friends, families and everyone he knows when his time comes (when he dies).

Here are the rest of the interview: (audio is a little low on some parts)

DANIEL LIVE: A BIRTHDAY CONCERT on April 30, 7:30pm at the Araneta Coliseum.  Produced by Star Records.

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