Malaysian singer-songwriter Lunadira releases her highly-anticipated debut album ‘i’ll be alright, right?’ via TONGTONG Asia. The slow, scintillating reveal of the album’s first four singles (“OVERTHINKING” & “GO SLOW”, title track “i’ll be alright, right?”, and “crying over nothing (wah wah)”) offered a sneak peek into the artist’s labyrinthine emotions, navigating the tumultuous waters of life, love, and self-discovery.

Renowned for her saccharine vocals and lyrical brilliance, Lunadira tells stories that unfold like delicate flower petals, blending vulnerability, joy, and introspection. In ‘i’ll be alright, right?’ she bears a weariness with a thin veil of hope, streaked with familiar melancholia that’s heavy to feel but so easy to bop to. Balancing on this tightrope exemplifies how deft she has become as an artist since her salad days. From R’n’B to garage and grunge, she shapeshifts through a spectrum of genres and moods that constitute the pop of our times – eclectic and moving; fun and sultry.

She explains, “‘i’ll be alright, right?’ as an album is a returning to one’s self. It is not a celebration but an observation of the uncertainty of life and dealing with that ungracefully, and accepting that there is grace in uncertainty.” Collaborating with longtime musical partner Reddi Rocket on the project, Lunadira explores new musical territories, emphasising authenticity over conventionality in their production process.

Having retreated into a creative cocoon after the release of her last project ‘Tangerine’ in 2020, Lunadira has been re-discovering her sonic identity on the journey of completing her new album, honing in on and refining her craft – ever-evolving and boundless – to reflect her lived experiences in its truest form through her songwriting and sound.

The release of ‘i’ll be alright, right?’ follows her recently-announced debut appearance at Joyland Bali 2024, where she will be playing alongside artists including James Blake, Kings of Convenience, and The Walters.


Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with music on the radio and MTV shaping a young Nadira, the enigmatic songstress had her start like many of her peers, posting earnest covers on the Internet until the first original track “Forever’s Not Our Thing” lifted her from anonymity.

Following a slew of annual lovelorn laments, Lunadira’s collaborative EP with Reddi Rocket ‘Tangerine’ was released in 2020 to considerable fanfare, with the buoyant lead single “Hoodie” becoming an instant favorite, effectively expanding her reach of listeners.

The wide-eyed sweetness that oozed from ‘Tangerine’ has been sharpened by a personal reckoning that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. She emerged from it a woman still grappling with existential ponderings along with a heightened awareness of herself and her main mode of catharsis—songwriting.

In her debut album ‘i’ll be alright, right?’, Lunadira boldly confesses a sense of being unmoored, and thus endears herself to fans – like the rest of us, she doesn’t have all the answers. Through her introspection, we see the parts of ourselves that also struggle; just like her, we want to know whether we’ll be alright. Tastemakers around the world have taken notice of the rising artist as she has taken on the mantle as the first-ever Malaysian artist to perform on the COLORS stage. This landmark achievement has opened doors to further opportunities abroad, including invitations to perform at 2023’s South By Southwest (SXSW) in both Austin and Sydney. Lunadira has shared the stage with global artists like Sabrina Carpenter, NxWorries, and Daniel Caesar, and is looking forward to what 2024 will bring, kicking off with her performance at Joyland Bali 2024.

‘i’ll be alright, right?’ Tracklisting:

  1. forever’s not my thing
  3. GO SLOW
  4. i’ll be alright, right?
  9. crying over nothing (wah wah)
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