In line with the National Pig Day Celebration, the National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc. (NatFed) will attempt to set a Guinness Record for the most number of pork dishes on display and to be served afterwards.

The world record attempt will serve as a kick-off event of the organization’s five-day Hog Festival in Cubao, Quezon City and Marikina from March 1 to 5.

The first three days of the festival will take place in Novotel Hotel and Gateway Mall both in Araneta City, Cubao while the culminating event with a Backyard Congress will be held in Marikina Convention Center on day five.

“Our organization aims to promote the interests of the local agricultural sector by promoting food security, food safety, and food sovereignty. With the hog festival, we also hope to boost our country’s tourism by highlighting our rich culinary tradition of serving pork dishes,”

Alfred Ng, Vice Chairman of NatFed

Through the festival and Guinness attempt, hog producers will also be able to link and network with institutional markets such as restaurants and hotels to lessen their dependence on imported pork.

The initiative will also promote cities, such as Quezon City, as a food tourism destination, serving sumptuous and unique local pork dishes.

Hog Farmers

“We laud the hog farmers for initiating this ambitious project to help boost the local pork industry. Rallying business owners in Quezon City to consume clean  and safe local pork is a big boost to our country’s food security goals,”

Margie Santos, head of the Quezon City Business Permits and Licensing Department

“We support this initiative of the hog farmers not only because it will transpire in our city, but it is our duty to promote the local hog industry as this will benefit our local farmers. Linking hog producers with institutional markets like restaurants, supermarkets and hotels to lessen their dependence on imported pork will redound to the growth of our local economy as well. Quezon City is likewise a culinary tourism destination, serving delectable and unique local pork dishes,”

Tetta Tirona, officer-in-charge of the QC Tourism Department

“Our role is to ensure that the food to be served during the entire festival was prepared following hygienic standards and handling protocols,”

Dr. Ana Marie Cabel, head of QC Veterinary Department
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