Education is the foundation of the nation’s progress, and ensuring its access in every area of the country is crucial for forming the next generation of leaders and thinkers. The governance of the basic education system is distributed to different regions and provinces but the quality of it must be the same whether you’re in Metro Manila or in the countryside.

The role of digital technology in this goal is central as the Department of Education (DepEd) recognizes the requirement for learners and educators to update their digital skills as stated in the current administration’s MATATAG Curriculum Shaping Paper.

For the San Fernando Schools Division Office (SDO) of the Department of Education in Pampanga, this significant task of ensuring a digital-ready environment for teachers and students is made easier and faster, thanks to reliable and stable fiber broadband.

Nadine Alibutod, Administrative Assistant III of the SDO’s ICT Division said that the office has fully transitioned online and in the process, has digitally empowered their office’s functions and activities, from teacher training to curriculum development.

“What happens in the office is, online na lang lahat ng ginagawang meetings. Kahit mga interview or orientation examination ng mga applicants, we do it online, which is more convenient on the end of the applicants and the division because we can maximize our time,” noted Nadine.

Nadine is tasked with user management and network management; for the former, this means giving the employees their virtual Google Workspace environment and for the latter, this translates to ensuring the entire office has a stable and reliable connection to the internet. Network management also entails providing connection to online and on-site events of the Division.

“We have a centralized network in the office. Kahit magkakaibang building kami (Even if we’re in separate buildings), we have several access points to make sure hindi ma-dedegrade yung speed and quality ng connection wherever you are,” she added.

Facilitating this connected environment is the Enterprise solution of Converge, which not only meets the technical requirements of DepEd Pampanga SDO, but fits their publicly-funded budget too.

“Since we are a government agency, our budget is very tight. Kung ano i-require ng government in terms of budget and specifications, dapat ma-meet. Doon pa lang, approved na (ang Converge). Seamless yung pino-provide sa amin ng Converge na service so it’s worth the price,” Nadine said.

The world-class fiber connection proves its worth not just with the quality of service but with after-care service too, said the ICT officer.

If the billing has been overlooked by their office and they were disconnected, their reconnection is immediately acted on, ensuring that their operations are not severely delayed..

Ang maganda, since nagapply kami ng connection hanggang ngayon, agad agad tatawag lang kami sa aming contact sa Converge. Hindi mo mararanasan na twice or thrice kang tatawag in a day basta tumawag kami, sagot agad, tapos mamaya ok na,” Nadine said happily.

The San Fernando SDO office uses Converge Flexibiz Peak, an innovative, business-grade plan that provides doubled speeds 24/7, night and day. The said plan caters to small businesses, providing high-speed connectivity of up to 300 Mbps.

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