Yield Guild Games (YGG) Pilipinas wraps up another eventful year after hosting the first and biggest Web3 esports tournament in the country, the Xeno Pro Tour Manila 2023. The competition was the finale of the company’s inaugural Web3 Games Summit which opened doors for the Philippine community to discover more about the future of gaming at the epicenter of Web3 gaming adoption.

Yield Guild Games

In collaboration with Project Xeno, the leading web3 strategy game in Japan, the tournament featured a whopping $100,000 prize pool for the thousands of Xtraordinary players who simply qualified online for free. For the finale, a mix of 16 Japanese and Filipino players were selected to battle, with pro-Japanese player Makatty [H.U.G.] taking home the largest pot of $40,000. Another pro-Japanese player RYO also walked away with $20,000 as a runner-up. Meanwhile, Lordgrim, the only Filipino who remained standing became a local champion as he was able to enter the quarterfinals against all odds competing with the Japanese pro players who topped the game. Boxing legend and Project Xeno ambassador, Manny Pacquaio, made an appearance presenting the rewards to all the winners.

YGG empowers the Filipino community to unlock bigger opportunities in Web3 gaming, providing a platform for gamers to compete with both local and international professional players. The Xeno Pro Tour Manila 2023 is just the first of many tournament events for YGG and the company invites those interested to stay tuned for more events in 2024.

“The Xeno Pro Tour Manila 2023 is truly a phenomenal event that showcased the best of local and international Project Xeno pro players today. Our goal for this competition was to give opportunities for all aspiring gamers and blockchain enthusiasts and everyone surely gave it their all which highlighted their tactical prowess and skills in the game. This is just the start. More opportunities are coming your way this 2024 and the next years to come in the Web3 community so make sure to keep an eye on them,” said Gabby Dizon, co-founder and CEO of YGG Pilipinas.

Did you miss the action? Re-watch the live stream of the Xeno Pro Tour Manila 2023 on the official Facebook page of the YGG Web3 Games Summit.

To stay updated on the latest news about Project Xeno, follow the official Instagram page of Project Xeno (@gamefi_project_xeno). Download the app now and be part of Project Xeno’s Xtraordinary Xperience!

Interested in attending Web3 events in 2024? Visit the official website of
Yield Guild Games Pilipinas (yieldguild.io) to learn more.

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