LMYK has just announced the CD-release of her latest single “Perfect World” – the ending theme of the anime series ‘Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange’. The music video which incorporates scenes from the anime is also out.


Since it premiered on digital platforms in October, the physical version of the popular track which has been long awaited by fans of LMYK and viewers of the anime alike, was released last November 8! The jacket features artwork depicting the main characters of the anime created specifically for this release and comes bundled with a DVD featuring the ending roll of the anime with the credits removed and also the official music video for ‘Perfect World’

Moreover, to commemorate the release of the CD, a new version of the music video for ‘Perfect World’ featuring scenes from the anime ‘Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange’ has also been released today. The video condenses the story of the growth of three young people into one short film.

LMYK is a singer-songwriter, born and raised in Osaka, Japan to a multicultural household with a Japanese mother and a German father. While attending college in New York City, she started writing music and performing, her music caught the attention of legendary music producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who offer to produce her music. Seamlessly weaving Japanese and English lyrics, she has a unique way of orchestrating her gentle voice to make each sound practically blossom. With Jam & Lewis’ artistry and masterful production work, her music thrives.


Debuting with “Unity,” the theme song for the Japanese dubbed version of the animation movie ‘The Legend of Hei’, released on November 6, 2020. 2021 furthered LMYK’s global success with “0 (zero),” the ending theme of ‘The Case Study of Vanitas’. She then released her first album DESSERTS last March 2023 which includes the latest hit “Without Love,” the ending theme for VINLAND SAGA SEASON 2.

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