You can dress up in Y2K or go for more retro vibes, but whatever it is, G-SHOCK has got you covered!


Nostalgia has taken over the fashion world with the return of trends from the 1980s to the early 2000s. Forbes reported that 80s fashion has made a comeback with bright geometric patterns and oversized blazers while Gen Z has been embracing the Y2K style with baby tees and baggy pants.

And now you can match your throwback looks with these G-SHOCK collections for the ultimate fashion revival!

8-Bit Retro Vibes


Feel the retro gaming graphics of the 1980s with the 8-Bit Retro Vibes’ G-B001RG-3  and G-B001RG-4

The 8-Bit Retro Vibes series is one good blast from the past with the playful and colorful design reminiscent of the gaming graphics in the 1980s. The customizable G-B001 line of G-SHOCK with interchangeable translucent bands allows the wearer to mix and match their OOTDs with the watch.

The collection, which costs PHP 11, 280 SRP, also boasts a Smartphone Link and a Super Illuminator that controls its readability in the dark. If you’re going for the Stranger Things aesthetics on Halloween, this is the perfect accessory to go with. 

Vintage Colors


Simple and classy with DW-6600PC-5, GA-100PC-7A2, and GA-400PC-8A from the Vintage Colors collection

For a more simple and classy style, G-SHOCK’s Vintage Colors collection is the perfect choice! G-SHOCK brings classic timepieces back to life with retro color schemes that celebrate sepia, off-white, and gray tones. The DW-6600PC-5 has a flash alert for alarms, countdown timer, and hourly time signals. The collection, which ranges from PHP 6,840 to PHP 11,090 SRP, is ideal for a vintage and classy get-up on Halloween.



Jump into the retrofuture with DW-5900JT-6, DW-6900JT-3, and GA-110JT-2A from the Joytopia collection

Looking for something that would fit an outlook as bright as an OOTD? This one might be just for you! The Joytopia collection pops to life in bright hues and translucent materials.

The DW-6900 has a distinctive front button design, while the DW-5900 has a triple graph, and the GA-110 has the popular large face design. The collection, which costs from PHP 7,950 to PHP 9,980 SRP, is equipped with the same features as other G-SHOCK series and would fit those who want to go for the 1960s look with vibrant colors.

Forgotten Future


Travel back to futures past with GA-2100FF-8A, GA-2200FF-8A, GA-700FF-8A, and DW-5600FF-8 from the Forgotten Future collection

Vintage imaginative visions of what the future would hold are projected in the classic DW-5600, the GA-700 and GA-2200 with their iconic large cases, and the octagonal design of the GA-2100 all from the Forgotten Future series that range from PHP 7,400 to PHP 11,280 SRP. The collection features the ethereal metallic silver color and a Super Illuminator, fit for anyone who wants to cosplay The Matrix for Halloween.



Declare your love of joyful, living color with the DW-5600EU-8A3, DW-5900EU-8A4, and GA-100EU-8A2 from the Euphoria collection

Add vibrant colors to your throwback aesthetics with the Euphoria collection! This collection fits people who want their watches with a touch of color that doesn’t pop as much but are classy and exciting all the same. The design comes together with a bezel in silver metallic coating and an LCD in a mirror finish. The collection features flash alert and mute, and ranges from PHP 7,580 to PHP 8,880 SRP.

As more people embrace throwback-inspired fashion, now is the time to check out these retro-looking shock and water-resistant collections from G-SHOCK and wear it with your best as they never go out of style!


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