foodpanda logistics has teamed up with CHUBB, a global insurance provider, to enhance the safety and security of Ka-panda delivery partners with an improved free insurance program.


Under this partnership, foodpanda logistics delivery partners can enjoy a comprehensive insurance coverage that goes beyond their existing protections. “This move aims to provide greater peace of mind and security for our Ka-pandas who tirelessly deliver food to customers everyday,” said foodpanda logistics President Lhecks De Castro.

The most notable improvement in the enhanced insurance program is the extension of coverage duration. Ka-pandas will be safeguarded throughout the entire duration of their work session, offering them protection from unforeseen accidents that could occur while they are on the road.

“Previously, delivery partners were only covered while handling live orders. Now, aside from covering accidents, medical expenses, burial costs, and daily hospital income, the new insurance coverage protects them during their entire delivery session,” announced De Castro.

Making support & assistance accessible for Ka-pandas

In addition to CHUBB, foodpanda logistics has also collaborated with government agencies like Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) to encourage Ka-pandas to access government-mandated healthcare benefits as individual contractors.

This, along with other support, is being introduced to Ka-pandas nationwide through the pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels, a foodpanda-branded bus that visits different provinces and cities to engage with delivery partners.

“This partnership with CHUBB is only one of our ways to show our shared commitment to the safety and well-being of delivery partners,” continued De Castro. “With this comprehensive coverage, we aim to provide our Ka-pandas with the reassurance they deserve while they continue to deliver customer orders and support their families.”

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