For a budget-conscious housewife like Imelda Singcol, a resident of Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, the need for an affordable and dependable internet service like BIDA Fiber could not be emphasized enough.

BIDA Fiber

With her grandchildren immersed in online classes and her need to communicate with relatives far-away, connectivity has rapidly become a part of their lives.

Even at her age, Imelda longed to stay connected to the world with all the forms of media available on the internet.  “For someone my age, the internet is so important because I don’t have any other forms of entertainment. My day just doesn’t feel complete without the internet,” she said.

However, while other households are reaping the benefits of being connected, their family only depends on the internet plan of her niece, who was living next to their house. Because of this, they could not maximize their digital experiences as they usually encounter instability issues.

“We couldn’t connect because the services available here were expensive, and we couldn’t afford them,” said Imelda.

A ray of hope emerged when Aly, a sales agent, introduced a budget-friendly and dependable internet solution to Imelda. BIDA Fiber, the newest connectivity plan of Converge, is a low-cost postpaid solution suited for families on a tight budget, but requires the speed, reliability, and convenience of a postpaid connection.

For only P888 per month, subscribers can get to connect up to six devices at the same time and enjoy unlimited, all-access web browsing, streaming, and mobile gaming.

Upon knowing this, Imelda wasted no time, immediately availing the said service. With the connectivity from BIDA Fiber, the Singcol family effectively embraced the digital world, making education and entertainment readily accessible.

“In the afternoon, when I have nothing to do, I turn on the TV to watch vlogs there. I am very happy during those moments everyday,” she shared with enthusiasm.

She added that the service goes beyond mere affordability but it’s about delivering a high-quality connection that has transformed their lives. BIDA Fiber enabled them to communicate better, gain access to a vast range of entertainment options, and also to be informed about the latest news within their community.

“I have also heard from our cousins that their connection is excellent. It’s good. No lags. The service is great,” Imelda confirmed, echoing the positive feedback from her family.

Imelda is just one of the many residents in Cebu whose digital lifestyles have been enriched by this affordable fiber postpaid solution. She bore witness to the remarkable change in her family’s online experiences without stashing a significant amount in their monthly budget. “It’s a very big help,” she concluded.

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