International pop sensation Jamie Miller, the singer-songwriter behind the hit “Here’s Your Perfect”, is the latest international artist to be represented by talent management agency NYMA.

Jamie Miller

The newly-formed partnership between NYMA and EN Management paved the way for the opportunity as well as Jamie’s upcoming trip to Manila in September.

This is the second time NYMA, the talent management arm of KROMA Entertainment and LA-based EN Management, worked together in representing talent in the Philippines. The two companies debuted their partnership with K-Pop artist Eric Nam’s recent launch and visit to Manila.

Eddie Nam, CEO and Founder of EN Management, shares: “NYMA are total professionals and possess very similar core values as EN Management, so it was a no-brainer that we partnered with them on the Jamie Miller project.”

He adds, “We’ve always wanted to become more active in The Philippines. I am most excited for the people to see Jamie perform and connect with his fans in person. He’s never been to Manila, and neither have I, so we are keen on this upcoming trip!”

Currently based in Los Angeles, the Welsh artist rose to prominence in 2017 when he auditioned on the 6th edition of The Voice UK. His emotionally charged performances led him to the semi-finals, where he finished in third place. Since then, his musical career has continued to rise.

In 2021, Jamie’s song “Here’s Your Perfect” made its way to the internet and became the song of choice for emotionally-loaded videos and covers on TikTok. The hit song pushed him even further into the spotlight, garnering over 380 million streams, charting at number 100 on the Spotify Top 200 and securing the second spot on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. The single’s streak continued as it spent 13 weeks on the Billboard Global 200 EX Chart and 2 months in the Global Top 100 on YouTube Music.

He has won the admiration of acclaimed stars such as Sam Smith, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, and Jennifer Hudson, and gained attention in Asia with reposts from Jisoo of Blackpink, Tablo of Epik High, NCT, The Boyz, and more. Filipino celebrities are no exception as they joined the #HeresYourPerfect challenge, including Morissette, Kristel Fulgar, and Stell of SB19, to name a few.

On May 31, Jamie released the latest single Maybe Next Time via BMG. Even before the song was formally launched, the song had already garnered over 31K pre-saves and 15M views on TikTok, marking it his largest streaming debut to date.

The singer has released revamped versions of his songs in collaboration with Asian talents – South Korea’s Young K, and the Philippines’ very own Moira Dela Torre.

Jamie says he is eager to connect in person with fans all over the world, not just through social media platforms. “I wanna meet the people who changed my life. I am so thankful to my fans as they are the ones who made my song a massive hit. They motivate me to do shows–I can’t wait to connect with them and hear them sing with me!”

NYMA Head Kat Bautista shares, “In 2022, during a remarkable live performance, I had the distinct pleasure of encountering Jamie Miller, where his awe-inspiring vocal range, undeniable talent, and modest demeanor left a lasting impression on me. At that moment, I extended an open invitation for him to explore opportunities in the Philippines.” She adds, “Little did I know that merely one year later, this aspiration would metamorphose into a tangible reality, thanks to an exceptional collaboration with EN Management.”

As for NYMA’s plans for the artist, Kat shares, “With Jamie’s prodigious skills aligning flawlessly with the dynamic Philippine market, we have merely scratched the surface of what awaits. At NYMA, we eagerly anticipate presenting you with a plethora of immersive, in-person experiences featuring Jamie, as we embark on an exciting journey of showcasing his artistry to an ever-growing audience.”

Apart from being home to notable Filipino artists including celebrity and vlogger Kristel Fulgar, food content creator Abi Marquez, Home Buddies founder Frances Cabatuando, and visual artist and content creator Raco Ruiz, the talent management agency has begun representing international stars in the Philippines.

Kat says that the agency’s vision extends beyond being home to Filipino talents and bringing Filipino entertainment to the global scene: “NYMA’s overarching mission is centered around fostering greater international exchange of talent, transcending geographical boundaries. This entails not only facilitating the proximity of exceptional artists to their Filipino audience but also elevating Filipino talent onto the global stage. The prospect of forging a collaborative alliance with EN Management to champion extraordinary artists like Jamie Miller and Eric Nam embodies the realization of our long-cherished vision.”

Jamie Miller’s “Maybe Next Time” can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. Watch out for further announcements on Jamie’s upcoming Manila visit. Jamie Miller is signed with BMG, and represented by EN Management, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP, and Wasserman.