You may have heard or read the term RFO unit, but you are wondering what it really means?

RFO typically stands for “Ready for Occupancy.” It is a term used to describe properties, such as houses, apartments, or condominium units, that are completed and ready for immediate occupancy by buyers or renters.

Properties labeled as RFO are fully constructed and often come with all necessary fixtures, furnishings, and utilities in place. Buyers or tenants can move in without the need for further construction or renovation. This is in contrast to properties that are still under construction or in the pre-selling phase, which may require some time before they are ready for occupancy.

RFO properties are appealing to individuals or families who want to move in quickly or do not want to deal with the uncertainties and potential delays associated with purchasing or renting properties that are still being built.

If you are a first-time home buyer waiting for the right opportunity and reason to buy your own home, or are looking for a property that is right for you, here are five reasons why RFO homes is right for you.

You don’t have to wait long. You can move in right away!


True to its name, RFO units are ready to occupy. You will be able to move immediately within a few months after passing the necessary requirements. Unlike pre-selling units where you will have to wait many months or even years before owning your home. If your requirements are complete as well as the required payment, you will have your house immediately.

The unit can be visited before buying!


Buying a house is a big commitment so it’s better if you can see the unit first before buying it to give you more peace of mind. Check and inspect! You will see exactly what you will get, before you even pay for it!

Simultaneous rental and payment of the unit will be avoided.


If you are currently renting, paying the monthly rent is already a big burden. If so, the big move of buying your own RFO house is the answer here.

You can immediately use your RFO house and you don’t have to rent anymore! Ever!

Amenities are ready for your use!


Since the amenities are ready for use, you can use them immediately and enjoy them with your family.

Avail of the big discounts and savings! With P10,500 in 4 gives, you will have a house already!


Ready for occupancy also means big discounts! Enjoy as much as Php 53,600 off! Just pay three months after the reservation fee. Make sure your requirements are complete for your PAGIBIG application. Once the downpayment has been completed, and your loan proceeds have been released, the unit turnover processing will begin already!

So what are you waiting for?! Reserve now for only P3,000 and pay as low as P2,167 per month for 3 consecutive months. Loan takeout from PAGIBIG will follow after.

Come home now to BellaVita Cabanatuan/Porac/Lian/Lipa/Capas/San Pablo/Pila/Rosario.

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