SigeGo is poised to be “the” travel and lifestyle omni-channel platform of the Philippines. Powered by the technology of Simplenight, it allows anyone to book an experience in a matter of clicks and swipes in a way the country has never seen before. The platform is being finalized and will go live after its launch in early June.


Following the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the urge to travel left practically everyone grabbing at the opportunity to go on more frequent trips at bigger budgets after being homebound for some time. As people gradually get back to their pre-pandemic lifestyle, travel is now easing back to normal. People are more conscious of their travel plans, giving careful consideration to their budget and scheduling to ensure they get the best deals. With these factors, 2023 will see a lot of travel trends unfolding:

Purchasing power will be the driving force behind travel. Inflation is expected to grow in 2023, forcing households to rethink the way they travel and look for bang-for-buck deals. 

The end of ‘Revenge Travel’. We will see more stabilization in 2023. After the reopening of many destinations saw major hikes on flight and accommodation bookings, the market is finally returning to normalcy. 

Cultural cities will continue to be top destinations. According to a study on upcoming future travel trends by, Abritel and Expedia, the highest demand growth on Expedia are bustling cities rich in culture like Paris, Milan and New York.

Film tourism will prevail. The old town of Dubrovnik is now known as the location of ‘Game of Thrones’. Likewise, the Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines gained popularity due to the film ‘Avengers: Endgame’. These locations saw visitor growth in the past years and 38% of travelers have taken the plunge and booked already this 2023.  A further study by, Abritel and Expedia revealed that two-thirds of travelers worldwide thought of booking to destinations after seeing them in films. 

Responsible travel. Studies confirm that over 60% of tourists will travel responsibly, reducing their carbon footprint. This includes supporting local merchants, choosing to travel by train rather than plane, and staying longer. Travelers are paying close attention to respecting the environment and local traditions. This type of tourism is becoming popular among millennials. 

Wellness vacations. People now see the importance of their physical and mental wellbeing. According to a study, 79% of respondents see wellbeing as synonymous with their free time and is a non-negotiable priority. This is reflected in the way people travel. The tourism industry has seen this opportunity to reinvent the customer experience and are now investing heavily in spas, wellness and detox retreats.

A need for nature. We now see a trend on camping, trekking and glamping trips as old-timers and first-time adventurers want to feel close to nature.

Solo travel. Going solo is fast becoming a travel trend. Flight and hotel comparator Kayak reported that searches for solo travel during the last quarter of 2022 have increased by 20% vs. 2021. “Alone time” will become a popular concept with nearly a third of travelers considering a solo trip next year. 

With all these travel trends, Simplenight has seen vast opportunities in the Philippines and is set to launch SigeGo in June.  


Simplenight is CEO Mark Halberstein’s vision grown from personalizing concierge services into a vast network of bookable goods and services through its omni-channel platform technology. It connects global vendors across numerous categories to a bookable system of e-commerce. 

Once fully implemented, SigeGo will revolutionize the way one explores and experiences the Philippines, be it Filipinos or anyone else in the world. SigeGo will initially offer travel experiences where hotel reservations, flights, transportation, tours and activities, and things to do will all be available. 

But this is only a glimpse of things to come. What will set SigeGo apart from others is its user-friendly technology and its vast offerings of bookable products and services beyond the travel sector. SigeGo will disrupt the current landscape by giving Filipinos access to a bookable future. Whether you are canvassing for a yacht or looking for a budget-friendly staycation, SigeGo can help you get wherever you are going.

“One of the driving forces of SigeGo are the Filipinos. The Philippines runs on tourism and grit, which makes it primed for something like SigeGo to be implemented because it can take all of the unique content the Philippines has to offer, centralize it onto one platform and use it to support Pinoy businesses and brands. Now is the perfect time because consumers are ready for something to point, click, and buy. SigeGo will be disruptive and will become a way of life,” said David Palmieri, President and CEO of SigeGo and acting Chief Commercial Officer of Simplenight.


He added, “We now see a stabilization in the market and consumers are becoming more conscious of their travel spendings. After fulfilling their bucket list, people are now more selective in seeking lifestyle-focused travel. It doesn’t matter where you start from, it matters how you get to where you are going. SigeGo is not just about the bookends, but on every aspect of the journey. ”

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks.

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