Dylan Patisserie has just inaugurated their 3rd and newest branch in President’s Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque! A welcome delight for those of you residing in the south.

“We’re so excited to be expanding in the south as it is a well-known destination for discerning dessert lovers and foodies. We look forward to serving the community and helping you make celebrating life’s special the moments with those that matter most to you!” says Dylan Silva. “We invite everyone to discover and enjoy Dylan Patisserie with our array of delicious offerings that we hope will strengthen the spirit of gifting this holiday season”

As the holiday season is upon us, we all know that enjoying our time with family and friends over delicious food takes center stage during this magical time. Dylan Patisserie knows exactly how to stimulate your appetite with their array of dazzling products. The European-style bakery offers a range of luscious artisanal cakes, French pastries, homemade chocolates, cookies, macaroons and a host of other goodies! What’s more, their range of gourmet Christmas hampers will fulfil all of your Christmas shopping needs this gifting season.

Delectable desserts for Christmas

Dylan Patisserie’s wide-range of sweet treats certainly puts it on Santa’s must-try list. With a wide range of flavors, from international classics to local favorites, Dylan Patisserie has mastered the art of blending flavors together to achieve a harmonious balance using the finest ingredients. Whether you’re a chocolate-lover or more driven by fruit-flavors, Dylan Patisserie will certainly have something temptig on offer for you.

Whole cakes

Cakes are Dylan Patisserie’s main draw and it’s best that diners found out why for themselves! To give a preview, some of their beloved cakes include their Four-in-one Signature Cheesecake featuring strawberry, blueberry, Nutella and Biscoff flavors, Lychee Pandan Cake, De Hazelnut Praline, Tropical Vanilla, and Triple Chocolate Blossom, among many others.

Diners also have the choice to adorn cakes with an intricate flower topper or order personalized cakes to make celebrations all the more personal.

French confectioneries

A European-style bakery wouldn’t be complete without goodies that bring to mind charming Parisian cafes. Dylan Patisserie offers its very own chocolate bars, a 12-flavor macaron collection, and six distinct eclair recipes.

And just for the holidays, their eclairs take on different looks to showcase some of the season’s most recognizable emblems — reindeer antlers for chocolate eclairs, golden adornments for raspberry, and green and red drizzles for a strawberry to say the least!

Cookies and roasted nuts

Tinned items make the cutest additions to any countertop filled with Christmas-themed food. Dylan Patisserie has cookies and roasted nuts to entice the serial snacker to try all varieties! To help diners figure out what to sample first, their best-selling items in this category are the Vanilla Snow White Cookies and Parmesan Cheese Cookies. It’s definitely recommended to have both a sweet and savory item at the ready and have the best of both worlds within arm’s reach.

The art of gift-giving

Exciting holiday offerings also await dessert fans and their loved ones. Now available are Dylan Patisserie’s selection of gourmet Christmas hampers that make delightful gifts or centerpieces. Featuring a desirable curation of the patisserie’s signature snacks, original concoctions, and treats made for sharing, each hamper deserves a place in your Christmas spread.

Dylan Patisserie has seven gift sets and hampers to choose from, with affordable prices ranging from P1,150 to P7,890.

Holiday dining with Dylan

Best of all, Dylan Patisserie’s complete offerings can be enjoyed in their beautifully designed store locations as well as through popular food delivery and pickup services.

The ambience is what makes a good meal great, a philosophy that Dylan Patisserie has taken to heart. With store interiors that provide unobstructed street views of each location’s neighborhoods, neutral colorways that evoke urban calm, and store displays that mix organic and modern design, every morsel eaten at their stores is bound to taste infinitely better.

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