From being a star athlete in college to becoming a respected news anchor and sports host, Gretchen Ho has come a long way in charting her own path and making a name for herself. She has been dubbed as a “woman in action” and an empowered one at that, with her projects and advocacies making a big difference in people’s lives.

Gretchen Ho

This October, Gretchen becomes a fearless wanderer in her new travel infotainment show, Woman In Action, where she explores remote places in the country, highlighting not just their beauty, but also the unique stories of the communities that will inspire and move people to action.

“I’ve found that traveling is best done by going off the beaten path. As a runner, I’ve made it a point to run in each destination I go to, and the streets always reveal something that tourist destinations won’t. It’s in connecting with the people that we really understand and learn about a place. What you will find in this show is not just a sense of adventure, but also a desire to create sustainable impact everywhere we go. That impact isn’t a one-way street though, as we, together with the audiences, seek to be moved and changed by what we see, hear and know” said Gretchen Ho, host of Woman In Action.

Premiering on October 1, 7:30 pm on Cignal TV’s One News, with a catch-up airing the next day at 8:00 pm on One PH, Woman In Action celebrates life and the countless adventures the world has to offer. Gretchen will take viewers on a riveting journey of awesome discoveries, and at the same time, bringing to light the situation of each community.

With Gretchen’s combined passion for travel, adventure, and public service, Woman In Action delves into each escapade, sharing How To’s and challenges, featuring stories about different individuals and communities, and addressing social problems with a call to action.

“What I’ve found in my years working in the media is that there are many young brilliant people all over the country just waiting for an opportunity. My show seeks to be a vehicle for that – to connect those people to local communities and to our audiences, in an effort to create, not just memories, but also, opportunities. I’m excited for this chance to be able to write and document some of the stories and take a more active part as producer of the show”, added Gretchen.

As an all-around and hardworking woman-in-action, Gretchen has been on a blazing path from her college volleyball days up to her illustrious hosting career. Honed by her dedication and passionate work, Gretchen has become an icon among this generation’s empowered women who weather the proverbial storms in pursuit of their life goals. The success of her recent campaign, #DonateABikeSaveAJob, helped a thousand families, with more than 1,500 bicycles donated to frontliners and workers for easier transportation during the height of the pandemic. Truly a Woman in Action, Gretchen inspires women to stay true to their calling, find their courage and willpower, and forge their own path to success.

‘Changing the world: one story, one action at a time,’ Woman In Action encourages viewers to be socially responsible travelers and, through its featured stories, inspire people to take action and help entire communities.

Join Gretchen Ho in her travels and explorations in Woman In Action, starting this October 1, 7:30 pm on One News via Cignal, available on CH. 8 SD and CH. 250 HD. You can also catch Woman In Action on SatLite CH. 60 and on the Cignal Play app. Re-watch  the episodes the following day at 8:00 pm on One PH,  CH. 1.

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