Chances are, reading this article without wearing a Peculiar Eyewear with UV400 exposes you to risks of getting unrepairable damages to your eyes in the future. Using digital devices up close or for long periods of time can lead to digital eyestrain at the very least if they are unprotected.

UV Rays

But first things first, did you know that apart from the screens on your mobile phones and laptops, heavy sun exposure from 10am to 4pm already places your eyes at great risks from UV rays. Corneal damage, cataracts and macular degeneration are all possible chronic effects from UV exposure and can ultimately lead to decreased vision.

Although your digital screens do not emit UV rays, they however emit a different kind of light that may have similar repercussions. BLUE LIGHT which are very short, high energy rays that are just a little bit longer than the very harmful UV rays.

Blue Light

Blue light, like other colors of visible light, is all around you. The sun emits blue light. So do fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. Human beings are exposed to more blue light than ever because of the widespread use of devices that rely on light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Laptops, TV, smartphones, tablets, and even lighting fixtures all use this kind of technology.

That said, our eyes are exposed to a lot more blue light than usual and thus need extra care and protection. Here are a few ways to help minimize our exposures to these harmful rays:

How to Protect Eyes from Blue Light Exposures

20/20/20 Method

While using devices, stop every 20 minutes to focus on objects that are around 20 feet away. Study those objects for 20 seconds before you return to your up-close viewing.

Keep Your Eyes Moist

Eye drops and humidifiers are all good ways to keep your eyes from becoming too dry and irritated while you’re using BLUE LIGHT emitting devices.

Adjust Your Screens

Set the screens of your devices to “Eye Comfort” with warmer tones. You can also buy blue-light-filtering screens to slip over your computer screen when you’re working at night.

Wear Glasses with Protection

Peculiar Eyewear are UV400 eyeglasses equipped with BlueShield and Safe Shield technology. Wearing these glasses means protecting your eyes from harmful light like UVA and UVB, and especially the ones coming from computer screens, smartphones, and tablets which happens to be our constant companions these days.

But why buy Peculiar Eyewear instead of other brands?

Peculiar is a brand that sees the world differently by valuing its customer first and being a socially aware company. Founded by Eye Doctors, Journalists, and Philanthropist, they believe that affordable eyewear should be available to everyone. They pioneered computer eyewear and optical frames in South East Asia.

Each eyewear is carefully crafted and assembled in the Philippines, featuring distinct designs unique in every frame. Peculiar Eyewear is made to last longer than any ordinary eyeglasses. It passed through the naked eye test three (3) times, UV400 and Spectrum Transmission Test individually to guarantee the safety of the Eyewear. Eco-friendly Eyewear, all production waste is repurposed. 

Peculiar Eyewear
Peculiar Eyewear

Peculiar Eyewear offers a range of gradeless protective eyewear that blocks harmful light from the sun and from digital devices and comes in many different designs. Each pair comes with its own case, microfiber cloth, and harmful light tester (light and card).

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Peculiar Eyewear

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