For most celebrities like David Chua, skincare is of vital importance. After all, in an industry where looks mean everything, the slightest blemish or the faintest trace of imperfections on a star’s face could spell instant disaster, and could even ruin a potentially lucrative showbiz career.

david chua

This is the reason why most of them put such a high premium on skincare, aside from making sure they exercise regularly and adopt good eating habits.

Local showbiz’s favorite oppa David Chua has leveled up his skincare game. His daily grooming regimen has changed drastically compared to his early days in showbiz, when he wasn’t as fussy about his appearance–or probably just didn’t know better.

He recalls, “Since I started in showbiz when I was 15, I had my share of zits, which was a natural for any guy going through puberty. Of course, back then, there was always a tendency to party hard, so all those late night drinking sprees didn’t do anything good for me.”

david chua

“It was only when my management brought me to a real skincare clinic when I became aware of the wonders that science could do to keep our skin looking fresh and supple every time.”

Nowadays, David has enough reason to feel confident about his looks. The former Kapamilya actor recently admitted to having been mistaken for Gong Yoo, Lee Min Ho or any of today’s hottest Korean superstars.

Aside from his chinky eyes and long, free-flowing hair, it’s probably his fair and smooth complexion that makes him a deadringer for his K-ounterparts, who have gotten their fair share of global attention with the growing popularity of K-dramas and their lot, as well as the growing interest in Koreans and their flawless, porcelain-like ‘glass skin.’

david chua

A keen observer, David Chua offers his theory as to why Koreans have been blessed with good skin.

“I think Koreans naturally and generally have good skin,” he intones. “Their diet usually has veggies and grilled meats, and not much oily foods. They also drink a lot of tea, which is an antioxidant. Their temperature in Korea is very cool, unlike in Manila where it’s usually hot and humid. That’s why they always look fresh.”

David considers himself lucky for having been blessed with better-than-average-looking skin, thanks in part to his mom Lucy, from whom he claims to have inherited his Eurasian looks and fair complexion.

But just how fussy is David with his daily skincare regimen?

Willingly divulging his ‘secret,’ he shares, “A mild facial soap and water, of course, on ordinary days when I work out and sweet. Facial washes usually have added ingredients that benefit the skin, and these washes are usually gentler on the skin. But when I take off makeup, that’s a longer ritual. Kapal ng makeup for TV or movies kasi.”

“I use cream makeup removers, nakababad yan for a few minutes. Then I scrape off with facial tissue. Segunda kaagad ang mild soap and water to wash away the oil. And then, a good toner with a cotton pad to make sure pores aren’t clogged and to restore the skin pH balance.”

“I use a light water-based moisturizer after. I avoid heavy lotions because they tend to give me pimples. But when I’m really trying to prepare for a shoot, I use a reliable face mask that I leave on my face for 15 minutes. Sometimes, I actually fall asleep with the mask on. Pang-horror movie ang dating. But once I remove it naman, wow!”

Aside from using proper grooming stuff, David also cites the importance of diet and exercise in looking good.

He adds, “Exercise is a must, not just for the skin, but also for the immune system, which helps us avoid the Covid-19 virus. And because I work out–I swim, box and run regularly–I eat for health and stamina. I love eatings salads, greens, quinoa or brown rice, steamed fish, bananas and avocados. I drink a lot of water and only take alcohol occasionally.”

How does David feel about the prevalent notion that guys who get too concerned about skincare and other vanity issues tend to be frowned upon as being gay or metrosexual?

He reveals, “Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys who do so, but wouldn’t admit! Hindi umaamin, pero marami ring ritwal! Hahaha!”

david chua

He elaborates, “It’s true! And brand analytics will reveal that. The percentage of male buyers of skincare essentials is increasing. And if you check the shelves, there’s just as many skincare products for men, right? So, do we need any further proof?”

Being a guy, does David Chua believe that it’s an advantage to be fair-skinned?

He expounds, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Skin of any color in various conditions is an advantage. Depende naman yan sa tao. Some see wrinkles as a story waiting to be told, right? Sa mga artista, iba-iba rin naman. For me, at this stage of my life and career, it really is an advantage to keep my skin at least clean and clear.”

But how does he feel about some women who are so obsessed with getting fairer skin?

“I believe that your body is your decision,” David declares. “Everyone should respect individual choices. Sometimes I like to be fair, sometimes I like to be tanned. What’s important is that you’re happy with how you look, and that your opinion of and for yourself is number one.”

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