Why do I love the Klean Kanteen brand?

Well aside from producing quality reusable, stainless steel bottles, canisters and cups that you can use to serve you your favorite drinks that stays hot or cold for hours and hours, Klean Kanteen have always been a brand to admire when it comes to taking care of the environment.

Klean Kanteen

Back in the early 2000s you couldn’t buy a reusable, stainless steel water bottle anywhere. Plastic was pretty much the only option. Klean Kanteen sold their very first BPA free stainless steel bottles in 2004, and today, reusable water bottles and coffee mugs are everywhere.

Klean Kanteen has become an international brand and has inspired dozens of other companies to make reusable stainless steel products with the aim of kicking-out single-use and plastic wastes out of the planet.

I will always support brands that do their part in taking care of the environment.

It’s a good thing that Klean Kanteen now has its store on Shopee so everybody can their very own reusable bottles fast, easy and affordable too. This May, and during the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival Sale – Klean Kanteen is taking as much as 25% OFF on their selections. For collectors, this is your chance to hoard. 🙂

Klean Kanteen

I just got mine! This 12oz TKWide (TK means Thermal Kanteen, BTW) with Café Cap and Swing Away Loop is now being sold at 15% off on their shopee store – from the retail price of 1,650 Pesos it’s now down to 1,403 Pesos only plus you get FREE SHIPPING, because it’s on Shopee. I really love the color on this one, it’s called Deep Surf.

Why do I love Klean Kanteen products? Here are some of the main reasons why:

KLEAN COAT – A new standard in durability and safety for people and planet. It’s a chip-resistant, durable Klean Coat finish that is designed with care to stand up to any challenge. It’s 4x more durable and formulated for both humans and the environment.

Klean Kanteen

CLIMATE LOCK – Klean Kanteen Insulated Products come in all shapes and sizes—from the 8oz Tumbler to the 64oz Insulated Classic Kanteen—to help you keep a variety of hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. They use a double-wall vacuum insulation and innovative cap designs to achieve excellent thermal performance, all with environmentally friendly and responsible materials. The 64oz Insulated Classic keeps drinks hot for 30 hours and iced for 100 (that’s more than four days). My TKWide Deep Surf on the other hand can keep my drinks hot for about 11 hours and iced for about 30 hours.

Klean Kanteen

VERSATILITY – Klean Kanteens are multi-tools. Their interchangeable lids easily transition from morning coffee to afternoon smoothies, water at the gym, beer on draught—and everything in between. Versatility in design means that you can buy fewer bottles, which is better for your wallet and the planet.

SAFE MATERIALS – All their vessels are made from 18/8 (food grade) stainless steel. Their gaskets and O-rings are food-grade silicone. Their Sport, Loop, and Café Caps are made with BPA-free polypropylene #5. They use corrugated cardboard to insulate their Food Canister Lids. So, from product to packaging – it’s all sustainable, healthy and safe.

STRONG AS STEEL – When your goal is to replace single use, then your product needs to last a lifetime. And this is a guarantee that Klean Kanteen is most likely to use as a banner. Many of their products are recyclable too.

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