Times are changing and we’ve seen many old but used-to-be high tech devices fade into obscurity as people embrace a more advanced digital lifestyle.

Fax machines, pagers, PDAs, overhead projectors, portable mp3 players, DVD players and ebook readers where are they now? And most probably on the verge of extinction are the landline phones, wired headphones, charging cables, point-and-shoot cameras, USB drives, cable TV, and many others.

However, one that seems to amaze even the digital natives is how the electronic television, which is almost a hundred years old now, was able to adapt and remain to be relevant even with media transitioning more and more to a digital space.

Yes you can watch YouTube and Netflix on your phones, notebooks and laptops but it’s just a different experience when you watch your favorites on a bigger screen – especially if it provides you a more juicy audio-visual experience. And this where the modern Smart LED TV comes into the picture.

Take for example the Xtreme S Series Smart TV that comes with a built-in sound bar called Pure Sound strategically located at the base of the unit. Powered by a unique Linux OS / UI, the Xtreme S Series is FULL HD with IPS display panel which provides for more immersive visuals from multiple angles.

The UI however needs a little bit more work, I still find the Samsung interface more interesting and easy to use.

Was able to review their 43″ version at home which is basically the go-to size for the typical condo or small apartment set-up, perfect for wall mounting and designing a gallery wall around it.

That being said, the unit comes with a pair of TV stand and a wall mount set. Also two sets of remote control, with the smaller one basically designed to be more useful for surfing. The huge main remote has dedicated buttons for YouTube and Netflix.

Design-wise the S Series is simple and practical with 2 HDMI and USB ports to support your connection needs.

The wow factor is in the Pure Sound sound bar which is definitely its biggest selling point. While setting up the device, I was looking for a Bluetooth function so I can connect the set to an my audio device if I was not satisfied with the sound reproduction. They it doesn’t support Bluetooth but there’s actually no need for it cause I am quite satisfied with its audio.

The Xtreme S Series MF-4300s Smart TV is priced locally at only
16,495 Pesos. I’ll tag this product as REAL VALUE FOR MONEY!

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