Just in time for the start of the “new normal” way of going to school – Rapoo released its C260 1080P Full HD Budget Web Camera to make the experience better than ordinary but light on the wallet.

It’s Plug & Play, so for first time users – which I think are roughly around 80-90% of the student population here in the Philippines – using the device is going to be a breeze! Just plug it in, no drivers required because it’s compatible with most of the current operating systems that are in use today, and just add it as primary on the video conferencing app that you’re required to use.

Rapoo C260 is a 1080P web camera with full high-definition (HD) lens that can intelligently adjust its frame rate and resolution according to ambient light, supplying true-to-life video even in dim lighting conditions.

It also has a 95° super wide-angle lens for more viewing details.

The camera body can be rotated horizontally to a full 360 degrees and allows users to adjust upper and lower viewing angles to meet most needs. It can also be mounted easily on top of most monitors or screw it on a tripod.

The C260 also has a built-in omni-directional microphone that makes sound purer and clearer during voice chat that removes the need for a separate microphone setup. So you can be speaking behind the camera or a fair distance away from the webcam and you can still be heard clearly from the other side of the remote conversation.

What’s also great about the new Rapoo C260 is its price, at an SRP of 1,350 Pesos this very useful gadget is definitely a steal.

Where to get it? The C260 is available at the following stores:

Complink Marketing, Cubed Technologies, Electroworld, Gaisano Interpace (Cebu), Gameboss PH Online, IT Ave. General Merch, Joneco Tech Marketing Corp, JuanManila Co., Laser Marketing (Baguio) Machine & Computerworld, Micro Access Computer Sales, Minderdotcom Trading, Nutech (Cebu), Octagon, Ormocnet, PC Corner, PC Express, PC Square, PC Worx, SECC Computer (Cebu), Silicon Valley Computer, Techmix Computers & Gadget, Techwarez Computer, Technomart, Thinking Tools (Cebu, Davao), White Whale, WilsonAds, Xymbolic IT Solution Provider Corp.

You may also check out the other Rapoo Products available in the Philippines at their Facebook page

For the unboxing, check out the video below:

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