Family bonding time is just so rare these days, especially now that there are so many things (gadgets and technologies) that keep everyone distracted and preoccupied – regardless if you are all in the same room together or not.

Many times family members are just too busy to sit down together for a meal. But sharing meals with the whole family are moments that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s important to grab every opportunity to bond, catch up on each other’s days, and spend time as a family.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a smart tech out there that gathers the whole family instead breaking them apart? Samsung’s first Smart Refrigerator The Family Hub might be the answer to that.

Here are a few ways The Family Hub can help you make meal time more enjoyable and some tips on how to make all these happen:

It is efficient to plan ahead

Planning meals ahead of time, even just a week in advance, is way less stressful than having to think of today’s menu on the spot. This also gives a chance for every family member to suggest meals they want to eat for a specific day or what they want to try out.

The Family Hub is Samsung Digital Appliances’ first Smart Refrigerator that provides apps that are beneficial to households and gives families a better dining experience.

The Family Board app helps members of the family share their calendar with each other and easily keep track of where everyone is at certain times. This app allows families to determine which day of the week everyone is available to have dinner together. Sharing notes from anywhere is also made possible with this Family Hub app, perfect for last minute reminders that need to be seen by the family right away.

Don’t be afraid to get creative

Give the family a chance to expand their taste and discover new dishes by experimenting with recipes. Trying out new food together as a family also makes for a very memorable experience for everyone.

The Family Hub has a Recipe and Meal Planner feature that uses AI and food profiling based on the ingredients that are already available in the refrigerator to suggest easy recipes with very simple instructions that even the kids can join in.

Keep track of the ingredients easily for the new recipes by using Family Hub’s Shopping List. This feature allows the creation and sharing of shopping lists for the next grocery run. With the View Inside Feature, forgetting what’s already in stock at home will no longer be a problem. With three built-in cameras, it is possible to remotely check what’s inside the refrigerator using only a smartphone. This app also helps tag expiration dates which keeps the kitchen in order.

Enjoy the preparations as well

Having better family meals can start with the preparations in the kitchen too, not just at the table. Involving family members in preparing meals gives everyone more time to spend with each other and get to know each other in a new setting. Enjoying the preparations along with the meal itself as a family makes for a fun bonding experience for everyone.

With the Family Hub’s Smart View feature, surf the net and watch recipe videos for easy reference when cooking meals. This feature also allows one to listen to music and mirror the contents of a smartphone or Smart TV. Being able to do all these straight from the Family Hub comes in handy when family members are bonding in the kitchen.

Sharing pleasant meals with the family is more important than many people realize, so make every one count.

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