I’ve had these problem for a very long time but it’s only now that I was finally able to make the first step to getting rid of it – pesky WARTS seems to grow in numbers fast so it’s time to make it disappear.

But first let’s find out what a wart is and how do we get it.

By definition, a wart is a small growth with a rough texture that can appear anywhere on the body. It can look like a solid blister or a small cauliflower. The appearance of a wart depends on its location on the body and the thickness of the skin.

Warts are caused by the HPV (human papillomavirus) virus and it’s highly contagious. Children and adults with a weak immune system are more likely to have them.

Warts are classified into:

  • Common Warts (Verruca Vulgaris)
  • Flat Warts (Verruca Plana)
  • Pigmented Warts
  • Plantar Warts
  • Filiform Warts (Verruca Filiformis)
  • Mosaic Warts

What I got a lot is the Filiform and Flat Warts which are located on my neck and face.

Most warts will clear up without treatment. One in Three children will get warts and will naturally disappear. It can take from a few weeks to several years, depending on the location and number of warts. They usually disappear faster in children.

However, if they do not disappear, or if a wart causes concern, medical help is available.

When to seek help? 

  • Causes pain
  • Bleeds easily
  • Changes appearance
  • Spreads easily to other parts of the body
  • Comes back after prior removal
  • Appears in an area that leads to constant bumping and bleeding

People who want their warts removed for cosmetic reasons should only see a doctor. I went to Dr. Mel Figueroa-Macaraeg for consulation at The Perfect Beauty Luxury Skin Care and Laser Aesthetic Dermatology Center located at the 4th level of the Mission Medical Plaza in Rosario, Pasig City (Just across Jollibee De Castro, Ortigas Ext).

with Dr. Mel Figueroa-Macaraeg

The Perfect Beauty is a hospital-based Aesthetic Dermatology Center that is owned by doctors, managed by doctors and with procedures expertly done by doctors.

The procedure that I availed is the Electrocautery.

Cauterization, by definition, is a medical technique of burning a part of a body to remove or close off a part of it. It destroys some tissue in an attempt to mitigate bleeding and damage, remove an undesired growth, or minimize other potential medical harm, such as infections when antibiotics are unavailable.

Electrocautery, is a process in which a direct or alternating current is passed through a resistant metal wire electrode, generating heat. The heated electrode is then applied to a living tissue to achieve hemostasis or varying degrees of tissue destruction.

The process stings and so it involves a two part preparation – first is the cleansing of the area that will be treated and then the application of a topical anesthesia to minimize the stinging sensation.

What to expect aside from the stinging sensation which is very much tolerable? Well you’ll smell a little flesh burning of course and the treated area will turn black – so you’ll get those little black spots.

If you’re having just a couple of warts removed then it’s going to be hardly visible but if you’re going to have the whole area of your face and neck done then expect your face and neck to look awful in 4 to 7 days depending on how fast you heal.

After the electrocauterization, an anti-bacterial cream will be applied to the areas treated to prevent infection. You will also be advised to not wet the areas overnight.

An electrocautery (warts removal) procedure at The Perfect Beauty starts at 1,500 pesos. Aside from warts removal, The Perfect Beauty is also known for their CO2 Fractional Laser technology and other services from Korean Glass Skin Facial to Thread Lifts.

The Perfect Beauty is open Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. For inquiries and to book a consultation CALL 0933-827-6336 (SUN) / 0966-718-2002 (GLOBE) / 02-771-92-575 

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