There are some days when you just can’t make up your mind if you wanted to go and dine out Yakiniku style or Samgyeopsal?

Well technically, they’re one and the same – the only difference is that the first one is Japanese and the other is Korean, but they’re basically just different kinds of meat grilled on your table.

For those who still can’t make up their minds, it’s a good thing that there’s this new restaurant along Scout Lazcano near Tomas Morato in Quezon City that served the best of both worlds.

YAKIKAI Grilll and Fusion Buffet is both Japanese and Korean!

Let me get this all up front – they’re an Eat-All-You-Can restaurant that served the most popular Japanese and Korean dishes plus an unlimited serving of different kinds of meat that you can grill on your table.

They also have one of the lowest rates in the area with the Premium Set priced at an opening promo of 399 Pesos only and the Emperor Set for only 599 Pesos!

What’s on each set?


  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Spicy Chicken Yakiniku
  • Samgyeopsal
  • Spicy Samgyeopsal
  • Galbi Sauce Pork
  • Peppered Pork Shoulder Loin
  • Sliced Beef
  • Beef Tare Yakiniku
  • Spicy Beef
  • Fresh Shrimp


  • Everything on the Premium Set PLUS
  • Beef Steak (Chuck Eye Roll)
  • Jjamppong Nabe
  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Ebi Tempura

Aside from what’s on your set, you also get to enjoy everything that’s on the BUFFET TABLE such as their awesome selection of Maki, Salmon Sashimi, Chap Chae, Dakgangjeoung, Salad, Japanese Fried Rice and others.

Aside from the food, what I really liked about Yakikai is the ambiance – it’s very homey, not too shabby or fancy. It’s a place where you can eat at your heart’s content without worrying about other people.

They also have an open kitchen so you can see how their cooks prepare your food.

YAKIKAI Grill & Fusion Buffet
122 Scout Lazcano St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, 1103
Quezon City, Philippines
Contact No.: 09271383980

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