After the successful release of his first single “Lilipad Na”, The Clash alumnus Garrett Bolden releases a new song that will surely make him worthy of the title “Soul Balladeer” – HANDA NA MAGHINTAY.

The new single is a collective output by some of the most talented songwriters of the OPM industry: Rodel Buban, Jam Ruiz, Vehnee Saturno and the FILSCAP Camp Isang Lahi.

Garrett is indeed a wonderful choice, he’s not only one of the most talented vocal performers that The Clash produced but he’s suave and smooth singing voice complemented the soothing melody and powerful message of the song.

WATCH: Handa Na Maghintay Live and Unplugged

In an interview during a blogcon held at Prologue last Friday, Garrett said that the title “Soul Balladeer” is probably the most flattering comment he received from fans.

The singer-performer also said that he plans to make the most of the opportunities given to him and is looking forward to making more music locally and hopes to gain international exposures.

Prior to joining The Clash, Garrett while performing in a band and travelling abroad, has made it a point to include joining various international singing competitions like The Voice and X-Factor hoping to get his talents recognized on an international stage.

Garrett has also auditioned for Miss Saigon in the past and plans to join various local and international music festivals. Dream collaborations includes Julie Anne San Jose, Quest, South Border and fellow The Clash(er) Kyryll Queen Ugdiman.

HANDA NA MAGHINTAY is now available under GMA Music on Apple Music, Spotify and in other digital stores worldwide.


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