The dreaded rainy season is here when going out of the house is like going out to war. A never-ending battle with the harsh weather and all the problems associated with it like traffic jams, flashfloods, pollution, as well as dengue and flu outbreaks, and a dozen of other health concerns.

It’s a season of complete unpredictability, and the only way to truly stay protected is to be ready for anything. This year, Watsons will help you do just that by keeping you informed on the many risk factors out there and all the ways that you can protect yourself.

Watsons Philippines recently gathered the country’s top celebs and wellness ambassadors for a Facebook Live event last week to highlight their “Protect Yourself” campaign that will run until September.

  • Alden Richards (Neozep)
  • Sam YG (Listerine)
  • Joyce Pring (Neutrogena)
  • Kris Lumagui (Snail White)
  • Yassi Pressman and Matteo Guidicelli (Nivea)

In order to strengthen one’s immunity against extreme weather, pollution, germs, and stress as these factors can cause health concerns, one must always be ready with a solution.


Why is it that the whole office, school, and eventually family seem to get sick around this time of year? What happens is the sudden and dramatic shifts in weather wreak havoc on everyone’s immune systems. With all our guards down, that regular old cough and cold are able to thrive and spread until it seems like everybody’s got it.

You can PROTECT YOURSELF and boost your immunity against germs by taking regular vitamins and supplements like Lola Remedios. Just in case you do get sick, stock up on cough, cold, and fever medicines like Neozep and Strepsils that can help you fight back.

Germs don’t just make you sick, though. They can cause problems all over your body. Bacteria in your mouth can cause bad breath, Listerine and Swish will help keep your mouth fresh. Bacteria in your underarms can cause body odor. Bench, Old Spice and Gyne Pro can help battle that.


It seems contradictory, but the wet season can dry you out, particularly your skin. Skin dryness can lead to wrinkles and other visible signs of premature ageing. That’s why  despite the humidity, now is the time to PROTECT YOURSELF with more moisturizer.

Watsons carries a wide range of products and brands so there’s bound to be something for your particular skin needs. Olay, Snail White, Neutrogena, Myra E, Nivea and Celeteque.


Unfortunately, the rain does little to wash away toxins in the air. Combine the damaging effects of dirty air with the changes in humidity and what you get is a lot of frizz. Head and Shoulders can help counter aggravated dandruff issues. Palmolive is great for recovering damaged strands. And if you want to color your hair at a time your hair is susceptible to problems, try Bigen for conditioning color that’s ammonia-free.


Just going through those first three risk factors is enough to get most people feeling stressed. Aside from contributing to a lowered immune system and speeding up the skin ageing process, stress can make your hair thin out or fall out. Keep yourself protected with Novuhair.

With Watsons, you can still look good, feel great in any weather and situation.

As an added bonus, for every 500 Pesos single-receipt purchase of any of the participating products, Watsons and SM Card Members could get a chance to win 1,000,000 Pesos of shopping points + free personal accident insurance.

There will be 24 winners of 5,000 bonus points; 18 winners of 10,000 bonus points; 10 winners of 20,000 bonus points; six winners of 50,000 bonus points; and two winners of 100,000 Watsons Card bonus points, which can be used to shop at Watsons.

Watsons Card Members also get more with additional discount on participating brands.

For more information on other Watsons products and services, visit Follow its Facebook page and Instagram @watsonsph

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