Hello everyone and welcome to rainCHECK and we’re here for the unboxing of my new Rapoo X120Pro wired optical mouse and keyboard combo pack.

What’s interesting about the X120Pro is that it promises to have a longer lifespan compared to other keyboards and mouse. The keyboard is spill resistant while the mouse has a 1600 DPI tracking engine.

Not a gaming mouse and keyboard. This combo is priced online anywhere from 400 to 500 Pesos.

I love the Rapoo brand because they’re very durable. I’ve been using the Rapoo wired optical mouse N1130 for years already and it’s still working perfectly.

So here’s the mouse, a 1600 DPI is really pretty decent for day-to-day activities. I survived with a 1000 so this is really way cooler.

I like the wired optical mouse better than its wireless version – simply because it’s the one that lived up to its name. When you say mouse, it should have a tail. You really need the wire to make it look like a mouse.

Those wireless looks more like a bean than a mouse – so if it’s wireless, you should call it as “wireless keyboard and bean combo.”

It says here in the box that the keyboard is spill resistant. I am not sure yet?

So yeah, I’m not that clumsy anyway so I’ll just update you in the comment section below if I spilled something on the board.


Anyway, the keyboards and mouse are working perfectly. I rarely use a keyboard now since I’m always on my laptop but I really love that Rapoo X120Pro keycaps are laser carved – that means it’s going to last long.

I also prefer using a mouse than the touch pad. So the mouse I’m going to use right away.

See you again folks!

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