Founded in 2017, BAD LAB is a Malaysian brand of personal care products for men, exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the MGC Michelin Group Corp.

BAD LAB is actually a contraction of the brand statement “Brave And Daring Laboratory” which aims to  to give the modern men (especially the millennial populace) grooming options that stay true to their essence.

Every pot of pomade or bottle of body wash is specifically engineered for the modern gentleman.

Because for real men, the day is out there and not in the bathroom. So wash like a man and not like a girl. Be dirty, sexy, filthy, clean and quick!

Using energizing, revitalizing, and healing ingredients, their products give the man’s man a boost without stripping him of his bold and rugged charm. After all, the brand believes in self-care that doesn’t soften your edges.

BAD LAB offers products within the 3 personal care categories for men: Face, Hair and Body.


  • Supersonik Water-Based Pomade (240 Pesos)
  • Like A Boss Sculpting Hair Clay (240 Pesos)
  • Slick Rick Styling Hair Water Gel (240 Pesos)
  • Too Cold To Bear Cooling Shampoo (200/380 Pesos)
  • Fearless Soothing Anti Dandruff Shampoo (380 Pesos)


  • Spotless Oil and Acne Control Facial Cleanser (240 Pesos)
  • Dirty Deeds Invigorating Facial Scrub (240 Pesos)
  • Baby Faced Assasin Energizing Facial Cleanser (240 Pesos)


  • Lean Mean Machine Body Sculpting Shower Gel (180/340 Pesos)
  • Call To Arms Anti-Bacteria and Deodorising Fragrance (250 pesos)
  • Legally High Refreshing Body Wash (180/340 Pesos)


  • Caveman Cleanser (240 Pesos)

BAD LAB is infused with a distinctly masculine energy that’s become its signature. Shop the brand’s assortment on BeautyMNL, and get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more!

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