The perfect solution to escape the demands of busy city life is a getaway place that offers tranquility and peace of mind. This is why discerning families or individuals seek for a dream home that offers a variety of opportunities to relax and refresh the mind.

When this idyllic setting likewise exudes luxury and elegance and comes with first-rate amenities, breathtaking nature views, and year-round cool weather, few come to mind that match Tagaytay Highlands’ selection of fine themed residential enclaves. This is because each exclusive residential community within Tagaytay Highlands is master-planned to harmonize with the serenity of mountain resort living, which the Highlands is well-known for.

A Serene Harmony of Nature at Sycamore Heights

Sycamore Heights, which is situated in a prime location within the Tagaytay Midlands communities and bounded by breathtaking views of the Taal Lake & Volcano, features homes that use both contemporary and traditional Asian design elements that suggests simplicity in serenity.

Residents easily achieve wellness of mind, body, and spirit when they are transported from the stresses of city life to the quietude of homes. Lot sizes range from 250 to 959 square meters, providing comfortable abodes with ample space to revel in the community’s lush surrounding.

Sycamore Heights residents will also enjoy features that were exclusively designed for them. Active pursuits can be spent at the Infinity Pool while the Pavilion, Bird Watch Park, and Central Park, among others, are meant for tranquil afternoons.

Of Elegance and Tranquility at Yume

Another master-planned community within Tagaytay Midlands is Katsura, whose best-kept secret is Yume, which means “dream” in Japanese. Yume is a residential enclave that is all about exclusivity, artistry, tranquility and well-being, elements that are the marks of a comfortable abode. Yume sprawls on three hectares of gently rolling terrain, with an elevation of 209 to 227 meters above sea level. From this vantage point, Yume likewise has panoramic views of the community, the Taal Lake, and the Midlands golf course.

The Japanese-themed Yume offers KOENs or Japanese pocket gardens and open pavilions, which inspire more laidback leisure activities like reading, reminiscing, and quiet conversations. Families looking for such a tranquil lifestyle may choose from lots that range from 500 to 571 square meters.

Finally, residents of Sycamore Heights and Yume are given membership rights at The Country Club and access to recreational facilities that include swimming, tennis, bowling, and badminton. Outdoor activities like the Aerial Walk, Trail Buggy, and Sporting Arrow are also offered.

For dining and private celebrations, homeowners may dine at Tagaytay Highlands’ specialty restaurants and casual dining outlets, such as the Highlander Steakhouse, Highlands China Palace, and Gourmet Avenue.

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