WATER IS LIFE but for millions of people around the globe, it may also mean death.

According to the most recent WHO figures, around 2-3.5 million of people around the globe die each year from water borne diseases, majority of whom are children.

Access to safe and affordable drinking water for all is one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, while there have been some improvements, many areas in the world still lacks access to clean drinking water which makes this still a huge concern in the world today. Here are some recent data gathered from the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF):

  • 663 million people are still without access to clean drinking water, despite the Millennium Development Goal target for clean water being met in 2010.
  • 8 out of 10 people without access to clean water live in rural areas and many of those deprived communities are in remote, hard to reach areas. Nearly half of them live in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • 159 million people use untreated water from lakes and rivers, the most unsafe water source there is.

Last Thursday (March 22), on the occasion of WORLD WATER DAY, I attended a special forum on a new affordable water treatment solution for homes. Held at the Urban Cafe in Wilcon City Center Visayas Avenue, the forum was organized by the Southlight Group (Southlight Technology and Distribution, Inc.) with Annemarieke Maltha repesenting Basic Water Needs (BWN), the Dutch Company that invented the TULIP WATER FILTER.


Basic Water Needs (BWN) was selected as one of the Toekomstnakers Top 100 (Top 100 Dutch Innovations) in 2015, highly regarded in the design and innovation community for its solutions to household water and its safe storage. To date, BWN has provided Tulip Water Filters that benefit over 2 million people throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Southlight came across with the Dutch innovation last year and saw it as a simple and affordable solution to safe drinking water for Filipinos who don’t have access to it especially those who live in the far flung rural areas. They also saw the Tulip Water Filter as the perfect alternative to homes that rely heavily on water refilling stations.

But there’s just one concern – DOES IT WORK? The Tulip Table Top Water Filter system is so simple, and this led many people to doubt its efficacy.


So what Southlight did was to get the product approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and had it tested with the waters from Pasig River. The FDA officers who was going to do the tests advised Southlight that their product might not pass because the water in Pasig river is not of the best conditions. They were worried because no one has ever done this kind of tests for a water filter and that the tests would cost the company thousands of pesos.

To make the story short, after weeks of evaluation, the Tulip Water Filter passed the FDA tests with flying colors bearing the following post evaluation remarks:

The product water collected from TULIP TABLE TOP complied with the Physical, Chemical and Microbiological requirements of the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW) for the parameters analyzed and can be used as Safe Drinking Water. This water device shall apply to raw water with the same physical and chemical characteristics as the water collected and examined (Pasig River).

Now imagine filtering water from the Pasig River using the Tulip Table Top Water Filter to get out safe, clean and good tasting drinking water?

But that’s not all, I also saw during the event how the product filters out water from a cola brand. Isn’t that amazing?


Annemarieke Maltha said that BWN believes that the best products do not require an extensive manual, but are understandable for everyone, all over the world. The Tulip Table Top Water Filter is easy to assemble, use and maintain. The whole system is based on gravity, which implies that no electricity, running water or complicated processes are involved.

The secret to the Tulip Water Filter is the ceramic candle which has three components:

  • Diatomaceous Earth – to filter out small particles
  • Active Carbon – to remove bad taste and color
  • Nano Silver – prevents growth of algae and recontamination

The Tulip Table Top Water Filter purifies 4–5 liters of water per hour. Just pour in raw water on the top container with the ceramic candle water filter and wait for an hour.

The Tulip Water Filter can be used on tap water, deep well, rainwater, murky water from rivers, lakes and ponds. But not on sea water.

The filter will last up to 7,000 liters or 1,849.21 gallons of usage before replacement. The Tulip Table Top Water Filter unit only costs 2,399.00 Pesos. Compared to the 5-gallon water from refilling stations which costs 0.40 per glass, the Tulip Water Filter will only costs you 0.09 per glass of safe drinking water or 1 Peso for 11 glasses of water. Plus you make the ordinary tap water in your homes, safe for drinking again.

The package comes with its very own candle measuring tool that tells you if it’s already ready for replacing.

Because of its simple design, products and replacement parts are assured through the local supply chain. This network of suppliers and entrepreneurs makes a vibrant community engaged in the exchange of knowledge and current information regarding Household Water and Safe Storage.


TULIP WATER FILTER is distributed in the Philippines by Southlight, the unit and its parts are available via local distributors online and at select Wilcon Builder’s Depot branches.

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More Tulip Water Filter outlets are rolling out very soon!

For more information on Tulip Water Filter, visit its official website at www.mytubig.com